Brittle bones disease

By Kaitlyn Green

What causes brittle bones disease

Brittle bones disease is caused by a mutation in the protien that affects how the bone is created/built

What are the symptoms of brittle bones disease

The symptoms are

  1. Bone deformities
  2. Loose joints
  3. Weak teeth
  4. Bowed legs and arms

What is going wrong with the body when brittle bones disease is occurring

Defects in the bones cause some of the simptioms

Is there a cure

No but I can be maintained
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How can brittle bones disease be prevented

It can be prevented by eating a rich diet of protiens and vitamin D.

It can also be prevented by not smoking in big proportions during pregnancy

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How is brittle bones disease treated

  1. Physical therapy
  2. By medicine
  3. Reconstruction surgery
  4. Placing rods in the bones to keep them dance and straight
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