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Imagery, Memory, and Family with Meg Medina

4th Grade #MegMedinaWriters Group 1

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My Favorite Toy

A doll that had blond ponytails as the yellow sun,

A shirt that was as pink as yummy frosting, purple

pants as crayons.



With loose long hair and with eyes green as a geko

Mami is mostly at work cleaning until she is tired

Mami, who always says "Allissson juege con tu

hermana menor" even though Ada is only one year



Who dreams about having her family here in usa


Me and my Mami always dance silly

and cook tacos and caldo together.


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My Favorite Toy

My favorite toy was roblox

Me and Gary we played roblox all day

and we never stopped we still play all

day and you can put clothes and this

many could roblox


Domingo my dad

Who is bajito, with my same black hair

Who is always en el trabajo

Building houses with other men

Domingo who loves my mom

Who loves to eat chicken from Monte

Rey in the living room

Domingo who always says I have idea

"Let's cook."

Domingo may dad who dreams about a

nuevo car - a troka!

Domingo who takes me shopping for



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My Favorite Toy

~my favorite toy was a stuffy

(eyes)~green as a cutecumber

(color skin)~black(has a tail?)~a

black tail) how I played(almost like

with was a animal play time)

~got it from) ~idk(I don't know)

~I loved my toy bc I always

always always loved cats and bc I

use to have a cat but he past



Benito, my dad.

he loves to watch


and be with his family or talk

Benito who is a manager for Bricks where you can

get pizza and salads

Benito who tells me

"Clean your room"

Feed the dog"

Who tells good jokes

And brings me tea when I am sick

Benito who doesn't tell me what he dreams about

He says he doesn't dream that much.

But I dream that someday I'll have a cat

And that I'll take care of cats.

Benito who takes me to Lowes and Walmart.

Benito my dad.


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My Favorite Toy

My favorite toy was

A toy dog.

The toy dog was light chocolate

The toy dog had black eyes as a crow.

The toy had floppy ears. The toy had a

little body and a big head but it could

still stand.

I used to play with my sister she had her

own toy and we used to play together.

My step brother drop both of the toys

when he moved out and that's when my

sister found the toy and we started

playing with the toys. The toy dog was

important because it reminds me of my

stepbrother and the toy dog always

seemed like it was alive. I named him

burrito and my sister named hers

burrita. :)


Ignacio is my Dad. My dad has hair as black

as the back stripes on a bee. He also has a

beard. My dad has brown eyes like mine,

brown as light chocolate.

Mi papi,

My dad is mostly with his friends and us. My

dad works to paint houses. Painting takes

time because he always takes his time and

never gives up. He works sometimes

painting with my mom.

My dad is always by our side and will always


Ignacio loves our family, sometimes

whenever me and my sister dont wanna eat

any more of our food, he eats it up no matter



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My Favorite Toy

My favorite toy was roblox

shirt brown

pants brown

shoes brown

I played with Antonio

My roblox were from my brother

We played at Antonio's house

I liked the toy because it was cool

You can play roblox together


My mom Ofelia

Black hair like me

Black eyes

Her skin is like mine


Who is always making frijoles con

arroz at home

She is working every day

She cleans houses with another

senora, but I don't know their name

My mom picks up and then comes



who loves food that she eats with

me and my brother

My mom loves everything

Ofelia who always says "Good night"

and my mom wakes up me and my

brother in the morning

Then I put on my pants and shirt and


We take the bus

Ofelia who dreams about having

more money

And seeing her family in Mexico and

my grandpa

Who I talk to on the phone.

Ofelia who dreams about having her

own company

Ofelia who takes my brother and me

shopping and buys fruit.


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My Favorite Toy

A beanie boo called wofie

It's eyes as blue as blueberries

It's fur as gray as metal

It's ears were white as snow

I played it as a friend

I played with it when it was school

time and at home even when I was


I found it on a playground all alone in

the night sky It made me feel not

alone because I had it there in the

hard times


Emanuel mi primo

He has shiny eyes like a black bean


Who is only two but goes to a school that


Spanish is for fun!

Emanuel loves to play guitarra. He is so

energetic like a bullet

Who always says ven a jugar conmigo

Emanuel who dreams about becoming a


Emanuel who always makes me feel happy

even when i am not


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My Favorite Game

My favorite toy.

My favorite game was kick ball the

ball was salt as a ship I played with

Max we said nice I bought it in the

store in Walmart we play in my house

it was fun and a gray horse is the

color was white.



Says leave me alone


Who dreams of having more money and

Having her family come over her.

Daysi who plays badminton with me



Black her

Black eyes

She is taller

She is always on her phone with

Her friends

With group chats

With her friend Bianca.

She is in bed watching movies


Laughing in her phone and when I ask

What are you doing?

She says


4th Grade #MegMedinaWriters Group 2

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My Favorite Game

I remember that game.

I was 8 years old. The game looked

like a box and had these controls

the max was 7. The way I played was


You had to move around. I played at

my friend's house. The people who

were playing with me were my

friend Steve and his big sister and

my brother! I think I remember this

is because I thought it was the

funnest times of my life! And I could

let myself go it was hard but I liked a

challenge! I think that this moment

was important because I can't be

able to see my friend anymore and

sometimes I play this game and I

just remember those moments. But I

also think I remember this because

it was about 2 years ago and not

that long ago I think.


Cecilia who i call tia cesi. She has short

brown hair.dark brown eyes. She looks a lot

like me.

She wears jewelry - aretes

Tia cesi

Who used to spend a lot time with me but

now she has to go somewhere else to take

care of her children who call her cecila

instead of mami.!

When I made a lot of mistakes making

tortillas, she would always say

"Niña ponga atencion!"

but we would laugh it off.

Tia cesi

Who would dream of being with her children

because one of them had gotten sick.

My tia Cecilia said to me, "Quiero que tengas

buena educacion" and "I love you" before

she went back to Mexico.

My tia cesi would always make me laugh and

feel happy!

My tia Cecilia who I call tia cesi.


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My Favorite Toy

I remember that toy

I was about 7 when I played with my favorite

toy which was, believe it or not, an alphabet


It was as noisy as my mom's car when it

doesn't want to move. And I played with it

with my god father.

We would also play with it outside or inside

the house.

It cost him $30 or $40 and my mom got mad

when he bought it because she thought I

wasn't going to use it.

He bought it to learn my letters because i

didn't go to PreK.

I think I remember that because a year later

my godfather left and I know I may not ever

see him again in person because he moved

back to Mexico.

I'm afraid that that i have to keep that in the

first part of my brain because i don't want to

lose those memories and ilhaven't seen him

in 2 or 3 years.


Juanito my god father

How I call him padrino godfather

Juan who is tall how has short black hair

that's straight mine. How has the same eyes

as mine and had no mustache how wears no

earrings because he think that his for

girls. How has big hands.

Who spent his time working at a restaurant

and made enough time for me and my

siblings even if he was tired.

Juanito my god father who said vamos a la

panadería para comprar chuchulucos.

Juan who dreams of having papeles and


Who wants me to get a good education and

go to college. So i don't have to work in

something that doesn't bring enough money

for necessaries.

I remember at 1 time every sabado o

domingos since he works in a pasta

restaurant he knew how to make the best

pasta in the world, He would also give me

money but the money didn't matter for me


Juanito who wanted papeles while I ate that

yummy pasta from where he worked at



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My Favorite Toy

I remember that toy

I was 6 when i played with that toy it

was round because it was a bulune it

mayde no sound when I played with

that toy i would throw it to my

brother or the whole family i played

don't touch the floor with the family

or alone i remember that moment

because now and the my brother

would invami to play and that

memory comes back when i was

younger and its important because I

spend a lot of time with my family


Lourdes who i call mami

she has soft hands and long hair that's black

like mine.

She wears glasses like me,

And she paints her nails purple.

Lourdes likes to run outside.

She looks like me but taller

She wears one earring on each ear.

Lourdes spends most of her time with us

and stays at home

Lourdes always says, "Aylin y billy me

puedes ayudar con algo?"

Lourdes my mami dreams about buying a

big house for the family and dreams that we

turn into people that will help my country

and change the world.

I think that sometimes she dreams the whole

family would be here.

Lourdes is the one who made mamelitas de

manteca and shows me all her recipes

She is the one I love/ la que quiero.


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Estela mi mama es la mejor

pelo negro

manos normales

Y sonríe mucho

Hace comida deliciosa como tacos y salsas..

Estela le gusta cocinar

Estela habla español y un poco de inglés

Sueña de dios virgen, jesús y su papa que

murio en Mexico.

Estela mi mama es la mejor.


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My Favorite Toy

I remember that toy / game!

I was 3-6 when I played with doll

The toy did not make any noises

I would play with them at the pool, my

bedroom, the beach and my friends houses

It has black hair and had brown skin and her

clothes were pink as cotton candy and blue

as the sky

I would play with my friends and and we would play with them anywhere I go!

I remember that toy because I played with it

all the time.


Bryony, My little sister

who is eight months old.

I call her Bry

She is small and is cute and has brownish

straight hair and has super light brown skin,

and she is always wearing diamond earrings

and has small chubby hands,

even though she cries a lot, I still love her!


Spends most of her time sleeping and she

really likes to sleep.

She also loves to laugh!


Also is always trying to talk.


I think my sister is dreaming to walk on her

feet or to talk


Who makes my life brighter.


My little sister who I like to play with.


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My Favorite Toys

I remember those toys, my toys

1: 5-8 I played with my animal toys

2: my toy was as hard as rock and never made noise

3: I played with my toys by making cities for them

4: I liked to play alone and hated and got inoyed when people intarupted me while I was playing with my toys and never liked sharing

5: Because I played with it a lot and I remember kicking my parents out of their room because i was playing I always liked my animals


ABRIL <3 <3 <3

Abril Estrella mi prima.

I call her Estrella

The star who is only one.

She has black silky hair that is always

messy, soft skin and a beautiful laugh and

smile. Her eyes are brown/black.

She doesn't like when people get too close

or take her doll, so she scratches and pulls

your hair if you disturb her.

Estrella spends most of her time at her

house playing with her toys

Estrella always screams high pitch of

excitement and holds out her hands when I

am around

Abril {"I think"} dreams about sugar and

candy, she's in candyland

I remember at Halloween when she was

dressed like a bee and I like a vampire.

I played games with her and carried her until

my arms were tired.

Estrella my star


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My Favorite Toy

I remember toy

I was 7 when I played call of duty

It field like a normal disk

I played with it by shooting enemies

I played alone because then they will

want to play

It's an important thing because a game

that I like alot


MY sister Ashley

Who is 16 years old

Who has loose hair

Who has the same eyes as me

Ashley who spends most of her time in

school that she doesn't like.

Ashley always says, "Get out of my room!"

Ashley who always dreams of getting a car

Ashley who takes me to the store to get

Paper and pencils.

Ashley who once took care of me when I

broke arm.


Mi hermana

Who I like.


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My Favorite Toy

I remember that I had a

playstation when i was 4

or 5 years old. I play it

after Pre-k. ALso when my

dad let me play it.

Another time was when I

played with the ocean in

the beach. I think that I

pick up sand and throwed

it to the beach and when

a wave came I runned

away. Until I was nine, me

and my sister played in

the beach when a wave

came, we jumped over it.

I also remember my

favorite game,need for

speed wanted.


My dad who I call tony.

He is playful and amazing.

Tambien aveces me dice

que vayamos corriendo.
El corre y yo en bici.

He sometimes buys me

things - not big, just up to 5


Also Tony the one who wants

papeles so I can go to

Mexico with my family.

Tony el que siempre dice -

ay kalani,

cuando yo hago algo que no está bien.

Tony, who always loves me,

who says goodbye after dropping me off at school.


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My Favorite Toy

My favorite toy was blue gray black

white gold.


My dad Juan.

We have the same eyes and the same color

skin although

I am more pale.

When he met my mama they got married

and he wore a fancy suit.

The photo is in their room.

He wears a gold cross around his neck.

Juan spends his time doing any work he can


Sometimes he is with me.

Juan who says, hey let's go buy


And we go to Walmart or Sam's or Food Lion

Juan, who wants my mama and the rest of

the family to be feliz.

Juan mi padre.