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Mexican Students Association

Join us to have fun while remembering our beloved country!

The university of Illinois

The University of Illinois is a public university in the state of Illinois. Is the second oldest public university in the state . The campus library system possesses the second largest university library in the United States after Harvard University.

The university comprises 17 colleges that offer more than 150 programs of study.

Mexican Student Association

The Mexican Student Association is an organization at the University of Illinois that seeks to promote the importance of political, social, and economic topics that revolve around the Mexican community. MSA helps promote the understanding of Mexican culture by implementing activities and events.

Advantages of joining our club:

• To remember our beloved countryand ancestors

• To share our culture with others.

• To refresh or improve your Spanish that may have been forgotten or not very Sharp.

• To show others what Mexicans are worth.

Also, don't forget about the delicious Mexican food!



-Be over 18 years old

-Know the culture of Mexico

-$100 for the entire year

All types students admitted!


First Meeting: 22nd September!

Once you have applied, we will contact you to tell you if you’ve been admitted in our club.

If you are a member, on Monday the 22nd of Septemer we’ll have our First Meeting. We will all meet in the lobby and then go together to the assembly hall to explain and discuss the planning for the year.

First of all we’ll show you a video of the last year members and the wonderful proyects they did, so that can engourage you to work hard and learn about the mexican culture. Secondly, we will show and give to you the Schedule with the wonderful activities planned for the year.

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Excusion to the National Museum of Mexican Art

We will visit many museums throughout the year on Tuesdays. The first one is going to make us feel the real Mexican spirit without leaving the State of Illinois!

All tickets for the excursions incluided.

October the 5th

1852 W 19th St, Chicago, Illinois

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The Quinceañera Celebration

Ceremony on a girl’s fifteenth birthday to mark her passage to womanhood, to give thanks to God for his blessings, and to present a young woman to the community.

October the 15th

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Meeting with the Asian American Association

October the 20th

We are going to met Asians American Association at our common room, and we are going to show them the most typical meal and then teach them dances of Mexico.

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Day of the dead

Is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and acknowledged around the world in other cultures. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico where the day is a public holiday. This day is like Halloween in United States.

November the 1st

There are some famous symbolic things of this day, such as:


Like we did last year, on November the 15th we will celebrate an Autumn fair and we sell beverages we have learnt to prepare: Mexican spicy lemonade, grape juce and sangría.

But why are we raising funds?

Mexico Trip!

1 week at the end of the course. Not exact day yet.

We will visit the ruins, the most famous restaurants, villages, beaches and much more!
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Christmas Party

We are going to meet all the association to celebrate Christmas on December 7, first there will be a dinner and then party all night.

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