Eating Disorders/ Unhealthy images

Why hurt yourself to fit in?

Why is this even considered Healthy?

These girls and guys consider themselves fat... all i see is bone, bulemia, binge eating and Anerixia are not cute, not the new healthy body image it is not sexy! It is killing yourself slowly.

Anorexic girl

This girl starves her self to fit in. She is all bone not meat.... This is wrong why do people want to hurt themselves to fit in? Everybody is Beautiful in their own way!!
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"Perfect Body"

All girls want to look like a Victoria secret model... This is the new "Perfect body". No it is not it is wrong. Remember it is not only girls boys do it too
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The REAL perfect body

See it is okay to have a little meat on your body... They are happy and HEALTHY!!!
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You can eat and be skinny too

There is food out there that you can eat and be skinny too nobody is saying you have to over stuff yourself (Which is also a eating disorder) but you do not have to starve yourself either! Just Remeber you are beautiful!!
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Bulimia, Anorexia, Over eating, Thigh gaps... All the things listed are not "cute" Or funny they are serious problems that everybody is influencing. These people have a serious problem and need support not critisim that they are "fat" or "ugly" cause to be honest everybody is unique and beautiful in their own way. Please if you know that somebody is starving themselves or making themselves throw up or even over eating... Tell somebody, get that person help. You can save somebodies life. And if you are the one doing it remeber "It isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain" ~unknown~ You can get through this you are loved and remeber you are not alone. Kids 8 to 15 .1 percent of them have a eating disorder... that may look small but it is bigger than it should be.