History and About Myself - GLC 2O0

As much information as I can publicly share lmao

Who, When, Where, What and Why?

My name is Fahad Hussain. My first name is a Muslim baby name which roughly translates to “Lynx”, or “Panther”.

I was born on the 1st of January into a typical brown family of 4 including my mother, father, me, and my younger sibling sister. I was born in Islamabad, Pakistan in a hospital not far from our old, old, old house in Pakistan. Me and my family finally decided upon arriving in Canada, and we did in the year 2004 from staying in Dubai for about 4 years, having enjoyed my most of my early childhood in Dubai. Even though I wasn’t born in Canada, English was still my first language, even growing up in Pakistan, and I can transition and speak between both languages fluently.

Growing up in my family was like growing up in any typical brown family, it was much fun, and more often than not was also very theatrical. Problem-solving is a major key to success in my life, if something doesn’t work, or doesn’t give satisfactory results, I will persevere to find pathways solutions to the answer or wanted result I want to expect. I always try to achieve perfection in my definition, through the most efficient method possible, and I am a very abstract thinker, and have a very psychological perspective on life.

Diverting Events and People and Their Impact on My Life

One of the most obvious influential events that took place in my life was the birth of my younger sibling sister named Sarah. This had a good impact on my life because her existence in my life allowed me to think of all the possibilities of being a bigger brother, being able to teach, explain and help your younger sibling with situations and experiences that you as a bigger sibling have been through, guiding them so that they can avoid any bad occurrences you’ve faced. This also helped me in general, allowing me to be a better leader, because of the ability I had developed to personally guide a person to success in their life, as someone older and much wiser.

Part-Time Hobbies and Interests

My current life is most consistent of cars, photography, programming, gaming, food, drink and school. My part-time hobbies as a student are car-spotting (photography of expensive and fast cars around Canada), being a photographer, developing programming leet skills, making beats, following my casually intense gaming career, playing basketball, and being an entrepreneur in order to explore the world and seek knowledge in every area of life, this being business, technology, skills, and arts.

My favourite car brand is Porsche, I’ve owned 3 beginner digital cameras before I wrote this, I play in a high league for my gaming career, and that I’ve invested much money into my gaming computer along with peripherals. The most favourable type of food that sparks my tastebuds is mainly fried chicken such as Popeyes and normal homemade brown cooking.

Learning Styles & Self-Assessment Results

My test results show that my learning style is a mix of being all three visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning, but my personal rating shows that I am mainly a visual learner. The five most important values to me are 1. Competition 2. Money 3. Precision 4. Time Freedom and 5. Expertise. I consider myself a verbally/linguistically intelligent, however my "How Am I Smart" section shows that I am mainly logically/mathematically intelligent. My Enneagram test results show that I am a hybrid of an individualist and a peacemaker. The test results from Keirsey show that I am a Guardian™, meaning that I am skillful and have a natural talent in managing, organizing, planning and leadership skills to keep society thriving, that I am practical and down to Earth, believe and follow rules and cooperating with others.