Bitcoin Exchange Review of the Best

Bitcoin exchanges are the business entities. They permit customers to trade their assets using the digital currency. These exchanges charge fees for making every transaction. Unlike traditional exchange methods where real money was exchanges, these exchanges transact digital currencies. These exchanges deal with fiat currencies of different countries. It means you are allowed to maintain bank accounts in your country for having bitcoin deposits. These exchanges allow you to transfer your money through credit cards, postal orders, and wire transfers. You can get real cash from ATMs by using your debit card worldwide. Bitcoin can be traded against precious metal like gold.

This article discusses about various bitcoin exchanges all over the world.

List of the Best Bitcoin Exchanges!


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Coinbase is a bitcoin exchange service based in the United States. It allows trading of money in the country and other 18 European countries that share Euro as their common currency. It charges 1 percent of transaction fee for every transaction. It is easy to use this platform for storing, sending and trading with bitcoin. Users having less knowledge about the technicality can use the one wallet gateway. You can take the help of this service by following two way verification methods. You need to give your bank account details and mobile number for doing all types of buy and sell operations.

Usability, Restrictions, development and security

While coinbase is being touted as the most delayed service provider in the world, it has remained the easiest interface for the users round the world. It has put restriction on the illegal businesses for any buy and sells operations. Recently the platform has enabled multi signature verification procedure along with two way verification method that existed since its inception.


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Bitstamp is the bitcoin exchange of United Kingdom. The volume of exchanges has made it the world’s second largest bitcoin exchange in the world. The company originally started its operation in Slovenia and then it came to United Kingdom in 2013. The exchange allows trading of both USD and Euro. It charges minimum fee for every bitcoin transaction. With effective combat strategies against money laundering the company started its business in the United Kingdom. The platform verifies the identity and home address of all the account holders to maintain transparency in the system. The exchange has software interface to carry out all the functions related to bitcoin exchange.


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BTC-e is a Bulgaria based bitcoin exchange. It is an online platform that enables all the users worldwide to trade with different currencies. This platform charges varying fee for the account holders for various transactions ranging between 0.2 percent and 0.5 percent. You need to pass identity verification procedure if you wish to transfer bitcoin through wire. The platform doesn’t allow any international transfer for US citizens or US banks. The verification procedure requires scanned copy identification card and bank account statement that is not older than 6 months.

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It is Finland based start-up exchange for bitcoin. This company has a website where you can see all the rules regarding bitcoin exchanges. After that you can deal with bitcoin vendors. Bitcoin vendors offer over the counter exchange facility through this platform. This is the only platform where you have to meet in person to make use of the exchange.

With the growing popularity and usability, people prefer the digital currency like never before. Security is the only threat that people may have in their mind. Businesses and investors find these as their best way of doing business all round the world. If the trend continues to grow like now, we will get to see a lot more exchanges in the near future.


Buttercoin is a US based private bitcoin exchange. It allows all the US citizens to all the buying and selling operations with bitcoin by using the platform. The platform is at the start-up stage.


Circle is a bitcoin exchange based in Boston. It delivers all the products related to bitcoin transactions. It is a platform where you can store, receive, convert and trade using bitcoin as the digital currency. It is the first digital currency trading platform to have joined hands with US treasuries bank association. The organization that it joined with is a law maker in the country. It abides by enforcement laws of the country to combat money laundering. This platform allows all the account holders round the world to carry out all the transaction operations. All the transactions are backed by insurance to protect the account holders from counterfeiting.


Coinfloor is a digital currency exchange for bitcoin. It was started in the year 2013 in London. Since then it has remained the most renowned platform for digital currency exchange. It is the most secured platform in the world that functions without the help of any government regulation. The platform is famous for making the transaction conducive for all the high-end traders in the world. The interactive platform developed by the company can be used by beginners. You can convert your pound reserve to bitcoin without having to go through two step verification procedure. The platform allows all the local transactions to be processed through local bank accounts.


This is a bitcoin exchange platform of India. This platform keeps people’s money in offline wallets. The real money is kept in bank vaults. The server is fully encrypted with secured codes. From paper wallets you can derive money. With the use of paper wallets you can redeem your money. Like any other exchanges this platform is two way verification and protection enabled. You can buy bitcoin in India through online facility of banks. If your account is supported by the country’s financial code, you can receive money through your bank account.


iBit is a Singapore based bitcoin exchange. This is based on global exchange standards. It allows the conversion of three currencies all over the world. It allows Singapore dollar, USD and Euro to be traded through his platform. All types of investors and businesses can make use of the platform to do their trading on the platform. It is one of the bitcoin exchanges that survived the denial of service attack in 2014.