Google Cardboard

Begin your trip today!

Getting your feet wet

With YouTube 360. This works great for getting a general idea of what it's like, no viewer needed. Grab yourself a phone or tablet, and explore the solar system!

Choose your weapon

There are a few options around for viewers, including cheap Chinese knock offs.

Google makes their official cardboard unit available now (2@$25).

The best viewer for continued re-use by kids is Mattel's ViewMaster ($17-18)

Options to get started with Cardboard

So I need a smartphone?

iPhones newer than the 4S work well.

The more popular Android phones generally are compatible. Most devices such as Samsung S4 or newer work well.

A gyroscope is what actually determines whether a phone will work or not at this point, this is what tracks your head movement.

Handy Slideshow breakdown

Pure Educational Awesomness

Lead field trips, point out key features, make use of prepared lessons and discussion questions, or create your own lessons. Bring the world into your classroom.

Currently in closed beta, but accepting applications and adding users consistently. Android only at this time.