Pay It Forward

Pay it forward for everone be a better you.



Pay It Forward

I think everyone should have done at least 100 good deeds by the age of 5. It is very important. How many good deeds you have done? I like doing good deeds because it doesn't just help you it helps everyone! It makes you a better person and then everyone will start doing it this world will be a better place. It will be a like a construction yard and everyone is working. Everyone is cooperating to make it a better place. So please help we could be heros and save the world.

Heres a good dead I’m sure everyone has done. Giving nice complements to anyone like dancing or just to be nice. I do it a lot cause in P.E. we have to dance right before we go to the Winter Dance Party to celebrate the 3 stars. I’m sure you’ve danced before. Did you give a compliment? I do all the time! Boys you might think its wierd but you have to. We have to do the twist and stuff like that.

Another good deed is opening and shutting doors for people. For instance to your lady friend she goes through you shut the door. Or you could just be a nice person and do it for anyone! Have you ever opened a door for someone I know I have! But it does feel weird.

Last but not least cleaning things for no apparent reason. It happens a lot. Like for my dads girlfriend Missy me and my siblings clean up for her cause she cleans up for us. It feels good because sometimes we get rewarded.

So do you think it seems fun? I do because it helps you and everyone else. So why are still here reading this GO DO SOMETHING TO HELP THE WORLD! NOW SHOE!!!
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