Mermaid Man - Panic Disorder

Will Huffstutler


- Pain strikes havoc suddenly throughout Mermaid Man's aged joints and disappears quickly.

- Small anxiety quickly turns into panic attack, where his heart palpates and has a shortness. He then has choking sensations and becomes dizzy.

Progression of Disorder

As a child, Mermaid Man had frequent breakdown and tantrums because of excessive stress. As he grew older, Mermaid Man did nothing to combat these. These small breakdowns turned into panic attacks. He was then diagnosed with Panic Disorder.

Prevalence of Panic Disorder

Through a 12 month prevalence, among 2.7% of adults suffer from this disorder. 44.8% of these cases are considered severe. Only 1 in 75 of those diagnosed with panic disorder suffer from panic attacks.

How Mermaid Man Came to be Diagnosed

Mermaid Man suffered from depression caused by evil villains, like the dirty bubble, as a child which led him to develop a case of Panic Disorder.

Therapy for Treatment

What Is Panic Disorder?