Ancient Egypt

By Taylor Martin

The important cities of Egypt

The important cities of Egypt are Memphis,elephantine,Buhen,Kerma,Napata,merö

Map of Egypt

The most important map of Egypt is called Acient Egypt and Nubia this map of Egypt shows the flow of the Nile river.

Pictures of Egypt

Facts about the Government

Queen Hatsheput was a women in Egypt whom became goverment officals and trusted advisers to pharaohs.Queen Hatshepsut also ruled with her husband King Tut the 2.However Hatshepsut believed she deserved to rule because she was the daughter of Thutmose the 1.For coranation day she wore a braided beared strapped to her chin the kilt of a man and a chest plate,worn by a pharoah of Dynasty 19 because she thought she wanted to rule like a king.

The types of transportation

The types of transportation are donkeys,horses,camels and row boats.These type of transportation were very important to Egyptions