Gateway Arch

By Zach DeForest

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Elements and Principles

The element of art I used in my work is color. I organized color to achieve the principle of design, unity. Unity is when you create a harmonious feeling by repeating an element throughout a work of art. I gave different shades and tints of one color, green, throughout my whole piece. This is an example of a monochromatic color scheme.

History and Culture

The monument I chose is the Gateway Arch. The Gateway is located in Missouri and was finished being built on October 18, 1965. It was built as a monument to the vision of Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis’ role in the westward expansion of the United States.

Art and Design

Designed by Eero Saarinen, the Gateway Arch took 2 years, 8 months, and 16 days to build. It's made up of steel and concrete

Personal Response

I chose this monument because it looks really cool at night. I don't think it's still relevant to society because westward expansion was a long time ago. Although I don't think it's relevant to society I think it should still be standing because it is really big and took a long time.