War is Moving Towards America

The Country is Moving Forward

Forces are Arming

A call to action is heard all throughout the country. The Army, the Navy, the Marines. Everyone is getting up and moving in order to make sure that we can end up on top.

The Army is now accepting everyone. Men and women of every ethnicity. 5 million have already volunteered, will you be one of them?

*10 million more people are needed, if the Army does not reach its mark, a draft will be enacted.

Building Up Our Country

Factories Running at Full Force

Shifting focus to our civilians on the war front. Those of us at home can sharpen our efforts to speed up processing and revolutionizing our technology. The Eastern Hemisphere will never see it coming.

Workforce: The Backbone of America

While many are focusing on those who are working in countries that are not our own, we cannot forget our citizens that are working on our own soil. So many jobs are available on the home front. Sign up to dedicate your life to our country without ever leaving the comfort of your city and family.

Are you of a different ethnicity? A. Philip Randolph wants to help make sure that you are getting equal pay and equal rights.

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