Causes of the American Revolution

Austin Rarus 1763-1776

Navigation Acts

The purpose of the navigation acts was to practice mercantilism. The rules they had to follow were, you could only trade with English ships and only sugar, tobacco and indigo were allowed to be shipped. The sugar act was to put taxes on sugar and the colonist felt opposed to it because they have never had a tax on sugar before and now they do. The most significant impact from the navigation acts was the crushed economy people were out of jobs and out of money.

The Proclamation of 1763

After the French and Indian war the proclamation of 1763 was created, the reason King George 3rd made this was to avoid more conflict with the Indians, so that would reduce spending because war cost money. Many colonist were mad at the proclamation. Little of the colonist decided to not follow it.

The Stamp Act

The stamp act taxed anything form of parer including, newspaper, writing paper, labels and a lot more. So that King George the third could ear his money back from previous wars. Samuel adams decided to create a group in response to England called the Committees of Correspondence, and the sons of liberty, to protest this ,Sam adams, began many adventurous schemes that evolved boycotts to stop this taxation. King George the third soon repealed the act.

The Quartering Act

What Britain did in response to the protest was repeal the stamp act. The Quartering Act was for the people of the english colonies to house soldiers, to feed them, to give the clothes. Also soldiers could search anyones house at anytime whenever they want with a blank search warrant.

The Townshend Acts

The Townshend act made colonist pay tax on imported tea, glass, paper, etc.... The daughters of liberty the way they protested was by making their own cloth instead of buying cloth from the British. The Townshend Acts were eventually repealed in 1770 but they still left the tax on tea. This made the colonist angry they didn't wan to have to pay taxes, the sons of liberty were outraged and continued to use violence against British soldiers.

Boston Massacare

The Boston Massacre was when British soldiers fired at many angry protesters, and then everyone at the scene ran away, five people died, Sam adams used this massacre as a propaganda to show everyone what England is doing and to stop England. John adams represented the soldiers and he wanted all citizens to have right of trial.

Tea Act & Boston Tea Party

The Tea act was when Britain only allowed the British East India Company to sell tea to the colonies, The reason why the colonist were outraged was even though tea cost lest they still had to pay import taxes to Britain. The Sons of liberty illegal boarded the ship and dumped all the tea they could find in to the Boston harbor. That Protest was called The Boston Tea party.

Coercive Act (Intolerable Acts)

The colonist called the Coercive Acts, The Intolerable Acts some of the laws were, no town meetings, No trade, Keep on paying taxes for tea, and Britain had control of all the colonies. The other colonies were mad and started riots, which eventually led to the american revolution.

Summary of the american revolution

The American Revolution was a revolution with the american colonies against Great Britain. some of the social causes of the american revolution were, the Americans wanted the same right the people of England had. The British economic policies the British had were, the navigation acts. I do think the colonist were justified in declaring independence from England because they came together when they needed to, and it paid off in the end.