Jayson Plagiarism Affair

The Blair Scare

Who Is Jayson Blair

Jayson was a New York Times reporter who plagiarized More than 7 different articles. His most serious errors were that he copied from other reporters without citing them, and he said that he went to places he never had been and talked to people that he never had met.

Examples of Plagiarism

One of his articles for the New York Times, "Peace and Answers Eluding Victims of the Sniper Attacks" was claimed to be plagiarized for the Washington post on February 10, 2013. It was almost identical to an article that one of his closer colleagues had wrote for a different newspaper around the same time( slightly before ).

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Jayson Blair, "lied and faked and cheated his way through story after story — scores of them, for years."(Sullivan) He,"Fabricated sources, plagiarized material from other publications, and pretended to be places he never went. "(Sullivan). Blair claimed to be in Washington and even plagiarized quotes from a Washington Post Story.

The Resignation

After Jayson Blair was accused he resigned from the New York times, why else would he resign if he wasn't guilty?

The Aftermath

The scandal unearthed a faulty backbone of the Times and caused the Times to crack down on the other reporters and editors, including Glenn Kramon, the chief business editor at the time. On top of plagiarizing he insulted he lives of many families and their loved ones and misled readers because most of his articles had some information that he had made up about the topic.



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