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America, JOANNA PRISCO via Good Morning. "My Reputation Was Shattered: Bullied Teen Becomes Advocate for Awareness." ABC News. ABC News Network, n.d. Web. 01 Nov. 2013.

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Question and Answer


What happened when she moved to a different school? When she moved how did she feel? Why do you think that she was happy or sad? Support your answer with details from the article.


When Christiana moved to a different school Christina wasn’t bullied anymore. Christina was happy she was moving away from all of the bullying. She felt better after the bullying had stopped. I think that she was happy that she was moving schools ,because she wanted the bullying to stop. It did stop too. When she had moved to the new school her new friends didn’t bully her like the old ones did , and she felt happy like she has made new friends.


1. Since Christina started getting bullied she was depressed and scared.

2. Because Christina felt broken down she did poor in school.

3. Since I have read this article I understand how hard it is when your being bullied.

4. Because I have read this story I am going to stand up for the people who are bullied.

5. Because Christina was scared she did not want to tell anybody.

6. Because Christina was being bullied she did not want to go to school.

7. Since Christina is upset she doesn't care about anything.

8. Since the bullies are hurting others they are going to get in trouble.


1. Treat others how you want to be treated, so you can be treated nicely.

2. We need to stop bullying, so be an up stander.

3. Bullying makes people depressed, so stop doing it.

4. It is very mean to be a bully, so don't be one.

5. Bullying might make people depressed, so they might commit suicide.

6. Bullying can lead to great depression, so stand up to bullies!

7. Don't bully, or karma will get you back.

8. You can make yourself feel good, so be an up stander!

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