10 technology rules for PARENTS!

Yuvraj Singh Tatla

Top 10 technology rules for PARENTS!

  1. "Don't click" on ads that pop up because you can get viruses when clicked on.
  2. "NEVER" share passwords with anyone you don't trust because they can go on your accounts and do bad things.
  3. "Don't Ever" give personal information on the internet because blackmailer's can use your name to blackmail other's or even you.
  4. "Be smart" when on a social account talking to someone because it can be a bad guy.
  5. Find different ways to say "yes" and "no" or some people can tell that you are nervous.
  6. "Pay attention" to every little thing you do on the internet because you never know if you are or did click on something by accident.
  7. "Make smart choices" when ordering something on Ebay, Amazon, ETC because you can order something fake.
  8. Don't go on your phone internet "when driving" because a cop can pull you over.
  9. Never text and drive because you could get into a accident.
  10. Make "sure" that your children aren't on any internet using device when their supposed to be sleeping because they can ruin their sleep or they can be looking at something wrong.


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