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May 9, 2016 (AKA 2 editions left including this one :()

Quote of the Week

It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of's summertime!

--Kenny Chesney


I enjoy what I do. Actually, I love it. I look forward to coming into work each day and often agree with a saying Dr. Bimes, former assistant supt of curriculum and instruction, said regularly, "Can you believe they pay us to do this work?" However, that does not mean, like you, like the kids, I am not counting down right now. I look forward to the slower pace. I look forward to not scheduling my drinking based on the time I will have to go to the bathroom that day. I look forward to not having each minute of my day and evening scheduled. Okay, I may do that anyway. I look forward to the temps.

Summer provides us with a time for reflection. While the best teachers do this all year long, the summer affords us a greater span of time than our morning shower. What worked. What didn't. What we just need to change because it is stale.

More than reflection though, it can be a time of great growth like the grass around us. This growth does not just need to be education related, although I hope some of it surrounds your field (What a great opportunity the district is giving us for self-selected summer learning and paying us on top of it!). I would also encourage you to follow a passion. Set a closed you set and expect to achieve in a designated amount of time. Feel what it is like to be a learner especially when it surrounds your passion. It is so very important that in a field centered on learning that you are still a learner.

You know how I love my hopes and wishes for you this summer are:

(1) Take time to breathe. (2) Slow down your pace. and (3) Try something new.

News and Notes

PLC's: Tuesday, May 10. Please bring all post-data ready to enter.

Chromebook Collection: Wednesday, May 18....please have them ready.

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