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Check out our "Get Ahead" resources here. If you choose to work on any of these resources, please keep them in a folder that is easily accessible when we approach these units.

The three units the students struggle with most are:

Topic 1: Rational Numbers*

Topic 4: Circles*

Topic 5: Surface Area and Volume of Right Prisms and Pyramids*

*You need to login with your district account to access files lhub.lisd.net =)

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Imagine Math (formerly known as TTM) is happy to announce...

an option to keep students engaged with math over the summer. Imagine Math’s Summer Pathway is a great way to help fill in gaps and review the concepts from the grade just completed. They are also designed to help prepare your student for the content and concepts they will learn next school year. This is a great way for students to remediate and to work on current math skills.

TX Summer Pathway: Entering SY17-18:

· Contains an average of 20-30 lessons,

· Reviews the major work students just completed,

· Includes a few lessons that are precursors to the content students will see next year.

Your Imagine Math (TTM) accounts are active throughout the summer until August 11. Make a plan today to utilize this great option to keep engaged and learning all summer long!

website: lms.thinkthroughmath.com

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(Schedule subject to change)


Looking for an outside tutor for ANY SUBJECT here is the district approved list LISDTutorList-May17.pdf. Parents can also find it on lisd.net by searching "tutor list" or at http://www.lisd.net/Page/1822. These are private tutors who set their own price per hour and will either come to the students house or meet them at a central location. The list covers ALL disciplines at EVERY level, so it is very long. Please advise parents to look down the subject column first to narrow their search and then look for the tutors' location.

OPEN TUTORIALS - Please remember we have an open door policy, so students can come and go. Students need to come in to tutorials with their problem number written down, so that time is not wasted trying to log online to see the problem. This is not one on one tutoring.


Days & Times TBA


Days & Times TBA


LINK: Pearson Realize - Single Sign On

username: Last Initial First Initial Student ID

password: Student ID

(example: Suzie Jones would be username: js000111 password: 000111)

"Programs" is where students will find lesson. Extra tutorial videos and launch videos.

"Classes" is where students will find there "not started" assignments, "in-progress" assignments, "completed" assignments with score ("review" is where you can see what students answer inputed or if student did not answer question or if they did not check their answer).


Homework Helper (vol. 1)

Homework Helper (vol. 2)

Imagine Math formerly TTM

website: lms.thinkthroughmath.com

username: Last Initial First Initial Student ID

password: Student ID

(example: Suzie Jones would be username: js000111 password: 000111)


Imagine Math personalizes student learning with unprecedented levels of differentiation, explicit instruction, meaningful practice, motivational tools, and after school access to LIVE, state-certified teachers (including Spanish speaking teachers). Imagine Math is web-based so your child can access the program from any computer that is connected to the Internet, whether at school, home, or the library. The program is proven to increase math proficiency when implemented 2 to 3 times per week or about 90 minutes per week.

Parents of Texas students now have the opportunity to view their child’s progress through their own Imagine Math parent account. Follow these steps to sign up for a Imagine Math parent account.

• Visit www.texassuccess.org .

• Click the Sign Up link under the Math heading at the top of the page.

• Select the parent option and enter the requested information.

Hours for Online Teachers

While working in Imagine Math, students receive immediate corrective feedback. Additional instructional support is provided by LIVE, certified, bilingual math teachers who will tutor your child one-on-one.

• Monday–Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

• Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

• Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

• Sunday 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m

A few recommendations:

1. Encourage participation. The more time your child engages with the program, the more they will experience success and the more they will learn.

2. Encourage thoughtfulness. The program provides constant support and immediate feedback, especially in those places where students tend to struggle.

3. Take time to review the dashboard with your child. Discuss lessons completed, lessons passed, and points earned. Remind your child that hard work pays off.

4. For questions about Imagine Math, please visit www.thinkthroughmath.com or email support@thinkthroughmath.com .


LINK: Classroom.google.com or may use the APP

school email: Full Last Name First Initial @go.lisd.net

(example: Suzie Jones would be username: joness@go.lisd.net)

then directs you to the single sign in page

username: Last Initial First Initial Student ID

password: Student ID

(example: Suzie Jones would be username: js000111 password: 000111)

Students have either entered the google classroom code in class or accepted the invite in their school email.

"Classes" is where students find each class

- "Stream" is where students find each post/assignment

"Work" is where students find assignments that are due/late/coming up

- "To-Do" is where students find assignments that are due/late/coming up

- "Done" is where students find completed/turned in assignments

"Calendar" is where students can see assignment due date that have been posted

Need iPad Help?

Having iPad Issues?

Remember you can always work on your Pearson homework on a computer or phone on wifi at home =)

Please follow these steps before entering your iPad support ticket.

  1. CLOSE ALL PROGRAMS (Apps & Games)
  2. CLOSE ALL TABS (usually see several open on Safari, please close all tabs)
  3. CLEAR COOKIES (see directions below)
  4. HARD RESTART (see directions below)
    • If those don't work...
      Please put in an iPad Support Ticket
      at ipadsupport.lisd.net,
      then send me an email with your ticket number and problem.
      supposably if you click on Easy Bridge 3 times then it works =)
      DO NOT CURRENTLY (Nov. 4th) put in tickets for the White screen
      try clicking it 3 times or use a computer at home or phone with wifi

Need to clear your cookies?

Go to "Settings"

On the left side scroll down to click "Safari"
"No, scroll on the right side until you see "Clear HIstory and Website Data"
Click "Clear" to clear out your cookies.

Need to hard reboot your iPad?

Hold the "power button" and the "home button" at the same time until the apple appears, then turn your iPad back on.


LINK: GoFormative.com

school email: student full last name first initial @go.lisd.net

(example: Suzie Jones would be username: joness@go.lisd.net )

then directs you to the single sign in page

username: Last Initial First Initial Student ID

password: Student ID

(example: Suzie Jones would be username: js000111 password: 000111)

Students click "Login", click on the red button "sign in with Google", type in student school google email, then it will direct you to your single sign in page, click on the red button "sign in with Google"

About Your Math Teachers...

We are most excited when we get to teach siblings of former students in our classes. We can't wait to work with our new students. Here is our Syllabus.

Your 7th grade Math Teachers Remind 101

Mrs. Lopez has been teaching math at Arbor Creek MS for five years. She has her Bachelors in Teaching from the University of Texas at Arlington and her Associates in Teaching from Tarrant County College. She has three kids and an 11 year old dog. Her email is lopezc@lisd.net and her room number is 209.

Ms. Esely-Black has been teaching at Arbor Creek MS for sixteen years. She holds a Master's in Educational Administration from the University of North Texas. She has two boys and one special Labradoodle named Ricky. Her email is esely-blacks@lisd.net and her room number is 207.

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