The Scientific Revolution

By: Milan Robinson - - 6th period

What was the change?

During the Renaissance new ideas were created and people began to question thoughts. People believed that humans could accomplish anything, which is known as humanism. Questioning came upon the ideas of the Roman Catholic church and the Aristotelian system, which were truths proven wrong during the Scientific Revolution. The discovery of new territory and land ushered people into wanting to know more. Each hour of the day scientists were discovering new things that nobody had ever seen before, and shocking society with their new machinery and theories. All of this curiosity from scientists, astronomers, and society led to the Scientific Revolution. The Scientific Revolution was the most significant period in history from 1550 to 1700 and changed the way Europeans view the world.

Who were the people involved?

The Scientific Revolution brought new ideas in about astronomy, physics, and etc. All of these ideas were tested by brilliant, analytical experts. Some of the key people such as, William Harvey, and Francis Bacon played a key role in enrolling new ideas and changing history. If you didn't notice below some images are shown that explain the other experts that were not included under this topic. William Harvey was a English doctor who proved that blood circulates through the body and is pumped by the heart. Harvey changed the way society and doctors view the body. Francis Bacon was a English scientists who was best known for his promotion of the scientific method. Each individual contributed amazing ideas and gave a different outlook of the past.

How did the change impact the society at the time/today?

The Scientific Revolution was a change in the development of science. In the past this outstanding change influenced scientists, astronomers, mathematicians, and etc. to discover new ideas and technology. It was so influential that even people began to come into question about scientists observations and hypothesis. For example, Gutenberg was a goldsmith who invented the printing press. This machine contributed to society because it helped people gather information more sufficiently and quicker. As the years went by, the printing press led to libraries being invented, which helped people gain knowledge when ever they want to. Each and everyone of these ideas and inventions advanced today's modern society. In other words, new experts found a way to enhance technology such as, phones, telescopes, and more. As discussed in history, the telescope could only reach so far into space but now astronomers can see the galaxy ten times stronger and clearer. Essentially, the Scientific Revolution made life and electronic components easier to control. Without this change society would not have been where they are today with all the high tech gear.


The following quote has a certain meaning behing its' saying. The quote means that we cannot teach people, they have to learn or find out things by themselves. This saying contributes with the Scientific Revolution because it gives an explanation of how the Scientific Revolution began. For example, people began to question ideas and discovering other areas of the world just by teaching themselves with curiosity, instead of waiting on the other experts to come across new ideas first. Basically, the quote insist that people take initiative to uncover more amazing ideas with their hidden talents and brains.