by Megan Cavosi, hour 4

The 3 creators

the History of YouTube

April 20th, 2005, the idea for YouTube was born by 3 relatively normal guys. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and the most known co-founder, Steve Chen. The idea was made at a dinner party, and there are two reasons why they made it, neither have been confirmed by the 3 men. the first reason is that they had a dinner party and took pictures and videos. At the time, videos were hard to share over E-mails, and even if you got them through, some people would have to download other programs. So on May 28, 2005, YouTube was born… In Chad Hurley’s garage. They founded it there to save money, like most successful businesses. YouTube was first designed as a close circle thing for your friends and yourself, but the Trio were surprised to find that it was used exactly the opposite. The Users (or better called, YouTubers), are the ones who shaped YouTube into how it is today.

Biography of Steve Chen

There were 3 creators of YouTube, but the most known of the all is Steve Chen. Steve Chen ran the website, started the website, and co-founded the website. He was also the one to pay all the expenses to his Debit card, even though they all paid in. Steve Chen was born in Taiwan and moved out of China when he was 8. He admits that his chinese levels are Level 1, or first grade. He moved to Chicago because, as Chen says, his father was in the Trading Business and was asked to move to the US. Steve’s father could of chose either New York City or Chicago, and he chose Chicago. Chen says that “All the hardship and troubles I faced growing up in Chicago shaped me into who I am today” He worked for PayPal, where he met Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim,and moved on when Amazon bought PayPal.
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Have I got you inspired to watch YouTube? I hope so!

Click here to go straight to the YouTube website. I know you want to... Its tempting...

Top 5 watched videos of May 2015

I will tell you the top 5 viewed videos of May 2015 and why.

5. LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem [feat. Lauren Bennett and Goonrock] (885, 792,116)

Why? The video is funny and the song itself has a catchy upbeat tune for people to dance along with.

4. Ballindo [spanish] (888, 587, 506)

Why? The video has very fluent motions that are in constant movement. The singing is also very interesting.

3. Katy Perry- Roar and Dark Horse [Dark Horse~ feat. Juicy J] (about 964,792,854)

Both videos have about the same views so I decided to combine them. Why? Katy Perry is a well known artist and her songs are are just as widely known.

2. Justin Bieber- Baby [feat. Ludacris] (1,135,478,763)

Why? I really don't know. My best guess is that this was when the Bieber Fever stuff was going on so lots of people watched his videos during that time.

1. PSY- Gangnam Style [2,234,948,495]

Why? Well, who was really surprised by this? Not me. The song is probably one of the most well know probably ever! The song is catchy and upbeat and even has it own dance!

Join the Style!

Want to Gangnam with PSY? Click here to see the most watched video on YouTube! ^_^

YouTube's impact on the world

YouTube has had a very big impact on our world today. It is the biggest video sharing website out there, Teachers can find great resources and videos for their lessons, and many people/users/YouTubers can make a living out of this, and make videos for people’s entertainment! You don’t even have to pay to get an account, so you can make and watch videos for free! Not only that, but YouTubers have connected people with common interests in a YouTuber together. There would be no way to get as much entertainment out of videos without YouTubers, and YouTubers would not exist without the creation of YouTube.