Google Chrome Apps

EDU 210: Module 9: Apps for a biology class

Insect 3D Spin

This could be used in teaching biology, specifically entomology. This app allows students to see insects at different angles and to zoom into them as well. The images also have text information about the insect. It is offered by: Black Hole Collections.

3D Anatomy Learning

This app can be used to explore human anatomy, it provides 3D anatomical structures. It is offered by Anatomy Learning.

Biology Cell Puzzle

This is a puzzle game that tests student's ability to classify different cell structures. It features an animal and a plant cell, and is offered by planeta 42.

Bacteria Guide Lite

This app offers videos about bacteria and it's components. There is also a glossary for basic terms regarding bacteria. This app is offered by Bio Courseware.

NOVA Evolution Lab

This app explores evolutionary relationships and provides access to evolutionary trees. There are also videos that explain some evolutionary concepts. It is provided by: PBS.