Simple Classroom Flipping

Mrs. Garcia's Flipped Pre Algebra Class

How I started....and why it didn't work out so well!

  • Made a video, some were way too long
  • Gave students fill in notes
  • Discussed in class - sometimes I even re-lectured. :(
  • Only focused on making and using videos and not other methods of material delivery.
  • Didn't really use technology to my advantage.
  • Eventually gave it up...somewhat.

Where I am now

  • Making shorter videos, and sometimes not even videos but blog posts as well.
  • No re-lecturing!
  • Making is more of a student centered environment
  • Using other videos rather than just making my own
  • Not really doing fill in notes
  • Making them ask a question after the video. (This has REALLY helped with mastery.)
  • Spend only one day working math problems and then turn it over to them.
  • Much more time to help everyone.
  • If they are struggling, they can go back and watch the video
  • Packets with all of the information up front (don't do like I did and get behind on videos/prezi stuff. It becomes overwhelming if you do!)
  • Don't "allow" students to do math problems at home!
  • Don't try to do a whole year at one time. Take it a unit or topic at a time.
  • Always be prepared to revamp.
  • Use a blog to tutor, give notes, or deliver other content.

A "typical" day/week in my classroom (No day is ever really "typical"!!)

  • Students working together on labs or other activities
  • Students asking questions and working together
  • Student and teacher conferences - this was one part I wasn't sure about until I did it. It really helps because you can discuss with each individual what they need.
  • Students taking quizzes online - make sure that you have a system set up for retakes.
  • Students guiding their instruction.
  • Some students not working, or appearing not to work, because they are already finished!
  • A student centered environment! Really, it is working(except with my freshmen.)
  • Students reading a blog and deciding what information is important.

Problems and Solutions

  • No Wifi - LOTS of places have free Wifi!
  • No computer/internet - jump drives, CD's DVDs, come early, stay late...No excuse is a good one!
  • Students don't watch the video - Don't restate the material, and depending on the age of the students, don't let them watch it in class unless there is extra time.
  • Students don't watch the video - assign tutorials
  • Student has watched the video(or prezi or what ever else) and they are struggling with the material - allow them to re-watch and take better notes.
  • Do your best not to accept excuses. I know it is difficult, but there is ALWAYS a way to solve the problems the students are having with getting their "homework" done.

Ideas and Other Things to Think About

  • Maybe even start with one class or subject (keeps you from getting overwhelmed)
  • Look up videos that pertain. There might be something already made that can get to the point like you would.
  • There is a lot of extra work a head of time. However you have "free time" in class to help students more.
  • Videos work well with math and science.
  • It doesn't always have to be watching videos. There are many things students can do on their own.
  • Could have students read blogs or other works then come to class for the work or review that goes with them.
  • Google forms are GREAT for quizzes and formative assessments.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help!
  • Don't get discouraged!
  • Some units aren't for flipping..though everyone might not agree with me there.
  • If you get off track and quit flipping (trust me, I've done it) don't stress! Find a way to pick it back up and move on.
  • Think about flipping and paperless classrooms together.

Still not Sure?

  • In class flip
  • Think about a "Half Flip" - (I made this up) like notes on video and math problems in class or part of the lesson online and the rest in class.
  • Check out TED Ed, YouTube, and Khan academy to see what videos they might already have.