Federigo's Falcon

By: Govanni Baccaccio

Summary Of The Story

The story begins with Federigo. A man who is known for his riches. Federigo Falls in love with the beautiful Lady Monna and spends his riches on her to try to impress her. His Gifts fail to impress Monna and Federigo becomes broke and is forced to live in the country With his last prized belonging the Falcon. Back in the city Lady Monna's husband dies. She then moves to the country to ease Her morning. Living next to Federigo, Monnas son becomes close to Federigo and his Falcon. The son eventually Falls ill and Believes the only way he can be cured is if Federigo's Falcon becomes his. The mother goes to Federigo for the sake of her son to obtain the Falcon. When she arrives at Federigo's house Federigo quickly notices that he does not have any dinner to serve. He kills the Falcon and cooks it for Monna. After eating Monna begs Federigo to give her the Falcon. Federigo begins to cry becauswe he has no Falcon to give to her. Sadly Monna's son dies. Monna is told that she has to re-marry. She replies saying that Federigo is the only man she wants to be with. The two get married and live out the rest of their life happily.


1-2, 1-2-3-4

It's kinda strange that I think about you

But I can't complain, 'cause I really wanna love you

Say my name, but be careful

Not to break my heart (don't break my heart)

Call me crazy, but I believe that it would

Be amazing, to dream about the way that

We would gaze at the stars

That made us fall in love (fall)

But maybe I should find

A way to let you know

That even though you're gone

You have left me here alone

Well baby, you should try

To fix my heart before you go

Because my heart will always be your second home

She's the sky

The one that makes me feel so damn alive

And I believe that even when I die

Her clouds will bring me back to life (don't break my heart)

I'm the rain, and when I fall I feel a

Drop of pain, 'cause you don't catch me now

But it's okay, 'cause I will never break your heart (fall)

But maybe I should find

A way to let you know

That even though you're gone

You have left me here alone

Well baby, you should try

To fix my heart before you go

Because my heart will always be

My heart will always be

Well my heart will always be your second home

Why This Song?

This song explains how much He loves the girl, how his heart will forever be hers, And how he will always be there for her. He explains that he is in love with her and how she makes him feel. He Talks about the fun times they could have and how they could fall in love under the stars. This relates with the Story because you could make Federigo the Singer and singing for Monna. Also this song relates because he wants Monna to understand that he loves her very much and wants to be with her. And how they could Do many fun things together.

Hi! Im Andrew Donovan, The Creater Of This Flyer!

HI Im Andrew! I made this flyer because I enjoyed this story very much. Some of my hobbies are painting, skateboarding , drawing, and gaming. Im a very nice and funny person and people like to be around me! Im a very creative and artistic person and love almost all art. I have a family of six. My family who live with me are my grandpa, mom, stepdad, baby brother, little sister, and my dog! (my dog is the one in the picture with me).

Interveiw With Federigo!

Me - "Why did you want to get with Lady Monna so bad?"

Federigo - "Because i truly love her. She is a very Beautiful women and deserves all of my riches."

Me - "What was your favorite thing about your falcon?"

Federigo - "My Favorite thing about my Falcon is that he was always there for me in my time of need. He is a very loyal animal."

Me - "Do you regret killing your falcon?"

Federigo - "I often think about this. I do not regret this. I feel as if everything happens for a reason. If my beloved Falcon did not die I would not have the most beautiful Wife in the Kingdom."