The Epipelagic Zone of the Ocean

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The Epipelagic Zone

The Epipelagic Zone of the ocean is the uppermost layer of the Ocean. This layer is unique because unlike other ecosystems it has no structure. The Epipelagic Zone is a critical ecosystem not only because on a global scale it regulates climate, conditions, our atmosphere, and provides food and resources to our planet.

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The climate of the ocean is about 39 degrees, but this also depends on what part of the world you are in. For example if you are close to the equator and in a warmer climate area the water is going to be more clear and warmer.


90% of the fish live in this part of the ocean layers such as Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Hammerhead sharks, Tuna, Jelly fish, Blue whales, Orcas, Krill, Seals, and Whale sharks


There are limited plants in the Epipelagic layer of the ocean the only real plant on this layer are phytoplankton.

Human Impact ( - )

  • Over-fishing - a practice that has harmed the epipelagic zone significantly. The ecosystem consists of migrating, swimming fish and marine mammals. As they make their ways across the oceans, fishermen are quick to catch them. Over-fishing of course, disrupts the ecosystem’s natural food web.
  • Oil spills - oil spills can effectively destroy an entire ecosystem and food web.
  • Pollution (solid and liquid) - human waste, plastic and Styrofoam being the worst offenders, floats on top of the water until they trap or impede fish and marine mammals. Run-off containing fertilizers and gases can also find its way into the oceans.

Human Impact ( + )

Humans are starting to take care, to project less waste, including trash, oil, and run-off, and limit fishing to sustainable levels, the epipelagic zone will demonstrate its resilience and continue to exist as a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

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