By: Izzy Veloz

Dance is life

When I dance I can be as sharp as a knife

Or as flowy as water

My mom dances which makes me proud to say I'm my own mothers daughter

I'll step on the floor and crank the music loud

And my thoughts all disappear into my little mind cloud

I've never understood how someone couldn't love dance so much

When I'm dancing it's like the heavens soft touch

Dance makes me feel happy and free

When I dance I feel like I can really be me

The music moves my heart and soul

And when my body moves I feel so whole

A sense of rhythm is my gift

When I'm moving my spirits lift

Music makes me want to move

The universal beat makes my body want to groove

When I dance I love the way my body feels

Makes me want to turn up the music and kick up my heels

Sweat drips off my face and travels to the ground

To me when I dance there's nothing else around

My body moves so very fast

Sometimes makes me want to collapse.

And there I just described my passion for dance

I hope I inspired you to get up and prance