All about Japan

What is Japan and trains

Japan is an island. The capital is Tokyo. The language is Japanese. The size of Japan is 145,850 square miles. The flag has a red dot in the middle. Trains are very full. Japan has the fastest trains in the world. They are called bullet trains. Bullet trains can travel 130 miles per hour.

Food and money

Japan mostly eats fish and rice. Japanese eat octopus,sharks, and other fish. Japanese use chopstick to eat. Japanese also eat sushi.In Japan insted of saying money they say yen.
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Sports and Where is Japan

Sports and Where is Japan

Japan has a cool sport called sumo wrestling. Piggy Back fights is like wrestling. Pachinko is like a pinball game. Japan is by China,Russia,North Korea, and South Korea. It is right by the north pacific ocean. It is also inside the ring of fire.