Cholera Illness

by: Daniela Nunez

How it Spreads:
  • People ingest food or water that's contaminated with the Cholera bacteria.
  • Its also spread by poor sanitation so always make sure everything is nice and clean.
  • Salt solutions, intravenous fluids, and antibiotics.
  • in unprepared communities death rates are up to 50%

More about Symptoms:

The most known symptom is diarrhea, the diarrhea can be so extreme that it leads to dehydration. The dehydration can lead to sunken eyes, cold skin, and wrinkling of your hands and feet, your skin may turn a light shade of blue due to the dehydration. Symptoms start within 2 hours to 5 days of exposure to the bacteria. The best way to avoid the Cholera disease is to avoid poverty and unsanitary conditions as much as possible, drink clean water never drink water that looks dirty or water that you think is dirty and never eat under-cooked meat or fish. And last but not least the best way to treat this disease is by going to the doctor if you notice the symptoms the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for you and take care of it for you.


During the Industrial Revolution disease was counted for over half the deaths. There was a great lack of hygiene and very little knowledge of sanitary care and no knowledge at all of what caused diseases back then so there was no way that they could know how to cure them and cities kept becoming more populated due to people looking for work so the problem became worse. Cholera was the most feared disease almost everyone drank contaminated water and river water was one of the main sources of drinking water. In the mid 1800's Sewage was able to get into drinking water and contaminate it and it caused the great out break in Great Britain which killed over 15,000 people. This was mainly common among the poor people who lived in cities though the wealthy people could not escape the disease either.