FAC Weekly Update

May 21, 2021

Good Morning, Fine Arts Center Family

I hope that you had a wonderful week!

5 more days...5 more opportunities. Next week is the final week of FAC classes for the 20-21 School Year. As we close out the school year, I think it is important to reflect on how much we accomplished during a year of uncertainty. I said the following to our Seniors at Monday night's Commencement ceremony:

Having transcended the negativity, worked our way through problems and restrictions, kept our spirits up, and got through it. Arguably, we did much more than just get through it. We managed to create impassioned, meaningful art. When you view the canvases and sculptures, when you hear the voices, when you listen to the instruments, you see and hear the future. I said it before at a concert and I will say it again now - if you students represent the future, then the future is indeed bright. Nothing stopped you from finding a way this year. Can’t be in a practice room? We played in the hallways. Can’t perform for an audience? We learned to live stream. Can’t create extraordinary art on the first, or second, or third...or fourth attendance plan this year? Watch us. We are the FAC, and we will not be deterred.

Thank you for staying the course with us. We are so proud of what our students accomplished and look forward to doing it again next year...in what we hope to be a return to normalcy.

Here is the latest from the halls of the Fine Arts Center...

Thank You, Ms. Cotter!

It is with a heart full of gratitude for her dedication to our students, staff, and school that we inform you that our Assistant Director, Ms. Kaci Cotter, has accepted a School Administration position in her hometown school district. Ms. Cotter's energy, meticulous attention to detail, and empathetic nature will be truly missed at the FAC. We are thrilled for her that she can bring her skills back to the place where she was both a student and a teacher.

If you would like to send her well-wishes, please email her at kcotter@greenville.k12.sc.us.

This Week's Student Leadership Lesson

Pursue the Mastery, Not the Score

"When your life gets beyond temporary and surface-level things (like wins and losses) and has a clear purpose, your perspective switches from short-term gains, which seesaw up and down, to developing mastery and fulfilling your purpose. As a result, everything changes. No longer do you 'have to' win this event, impress your boss, or make your quota. Competition goes from 'have to' to 'get to,' which is a far more empowering pursuit.

The greatest obstacle to mastery is the ego. The ego is attached to the five ingredients of the 'affluenza virus:' possessions, achievements, looks, money, and status. Mastery gives the feeling of control, ironically by giving up trying to control things. The ego, however, is controlled by results. Mastery has freedom and ego has tension and anxiety. Mastery has fewer needs, while the ego is very needy."

Jim Murphy, "Inner Excellence: Train Your Mind for Extraordinary Performance and the Best Possible Life.".

Congratulations to Blake Slaughter!

Blake Slaughter, a freshman guitar player in the Studio Jazz program, has been selected to be a part of the Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation Jazz Orchestra - https://www.broadwayworld.com/costa-mesa/article/Monterey-Jazz-Festival-Announces-2021-Next-Generation-Jazz-Orchestra-Members-20210518. There is only one high school guitarist in the country selected for this ensemble.

Congrats to Blake, and thank you to Steve Watson for your outstanding mentorship!

Congratulations to Jackie Park and Chaz Haines!

Two FAC Theatre students were recognized at the Prelude Showcase at Center Stage in Greenville. Jackie Park was the high school winner for her solo monologue performance of, “The Red Coat” by John Patrick Shanley. Chaz Haines was selected for an internship with Center Stage thanks to his playwriting entry, “First Movement.”

Congratulations to Jackie and Chaz, and kudos to the Theatre Instructors for helping our students prepare for this opportunity!

GCS District Art Show

Congratulations to the following FAC Students for receiving awards at the annual Greenville County Schools District Art Show:

  • Best In Show - Kristen-Alyse Finklin: "Flexin' My Complexion Epaulettes: - Katy Cassell, Instructor

  • Honorable Mention, Drawing - Hattie Jennings: "16 Years Later" - Ryan Roth, Instructor

  • First Place, Painting - Jordan Abtahi: "3 Stages of “It” In One Second" - Ryan Roth, Instructor
  • Third Place, Painting - Sydney Dailey: "Never Lost At Sea" - Ryan Roth, Instructor

  • First Place, Photography - Jessalyn Padilla: "Lady Like" - Zane Logan, Instructor
  • Second Place, Photography - Katherine Widemann: "Give Into Me" - April Dauscha, Instructor
  • Third Place, Photography - Nadzeya Drahun: "Dead But Alive" - Zane Logan, Instructor
  • Honorable Mention, Photography - Diana Velazco: "Pin" - Zane Logan, Instructor

  • First Place, Printmaking - Maddi Lehde: "Scream" - Donna Shank, Instructor
  • Second Place, Printmaking - Hayse McGowan: "Fish" - Donna Shank, Instructor
  • Third Place, Printmaking - Addison Cate: "Race Against Time" - Donna Shank, Instructor

  • First Place, 3-Dimensional - Brianna Nicoloff: "Contrivance" - Kelly King, Instructor
  • Third, Place, 3-Dimensional - Niko Selby: "My House" - Katy Cassell, Instructor
  • Honorable Mention, 3-Dimensional - Kate Illingworth: "Pegasus Ornament" - Rebecca Stockham, Instructor

More College Credit Opportunities!

Earlier this school year, I included information on a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Clemson University that was renewed for a 5-year period. I am pleased to inform you that we have just signed two additional Memoranda that will go into place for the coming school year and will also have 5-year terms. The following MOAs are now in place for our FAC students:

  • Agreement with Clemson University to earn credit through course completion and portfolio development/passing of a challenge exam in FAC Architecture, Music (Theory and Recording Arts), Theatre, and Visual Arts.
  • Agreement with Coastal Carolina University to earn credit through course completion and portfolio development/passing of a challenge exam in FAC Visual Arts and Music (Theory and Recording Arts) (NEW!). An agreement for Creative Writing should be finalized soon.
  • Agreement with Winthrop University to earn credit through course completion and portfolio development/passing of a challenge exam in FAC Dance, Music (Theory and Recording Arts), Theatre, and Visual Arts.

This agreement is accessible to students who are in the upper-level courses for the aforementioned programs. Please have your child reach out to their Instructor to inquire about any of the above opportunities.

Digital Film Screening - Friday, May 28 - 7:00 p.m.

The final FAC event of the school year is the Digital Film Screening, where our Media Tech and Digital Filmmaking Students will be screening films they’ve produced over the past school year.

This event is limited to Digital Film Studio students and families. Eric Rogers has emailed ticket info. We will publish the web link to all other FAC families so that you can watch the films from home.


  • May 28 - Last Day for Underclassmen
  • August 16 - Orientation for NEW students (tentative - details to follow)
  • August 17 - First Day of the 2021-2022 School Year!

Students Performing in the Community

Congratulations to the following FAC students for being cast in the South Carolina Children's Theatre production of Miss Nelson is Missing:

  • Andrew Cooter
  • Rusty Daniel
  • Hayley Glenn
  • Lexi Howard

Please click on the following link for tickets - https://scchildrenstheatre.org/missnelson-tickets/

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FAC Parent Guild

If you have any questions or are interested in being a part of the FAC Parent Guild, please email our Parent Engagement Committee Co-Chairs:

COVID-19 Return to School Procedures

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