Welcome to lineville fourth graders

by: Emily calaway


Are you worried about coming to Lineville, well I was too, so here are five things I think you should to know about Lineville.

Specials at Lineville

Here are some things I think you should know about Linevile specials. First lets talk about gym,the main thing I think you should know is that you have to change for gym. Also you have to bring your own gym clothes and if you forget them at home you have to borrow clothes from the school. There's other things that you can do like when you start swimming and you play a lot of different things in gym in fifth grade. Let's talk about art, Art is cool because you get to do many many things like you get sew. Now let's talk about Spanish first you don't do Spanish all year. You have Spanish half of the year . And this goes along with the Spanish . you'll have semester one doing technology or you will be doing Spanish first semester. There's also music . So I just thought I'd tell you all of the different things about specials and how they're different here At Lineville.

Passing time

Some thing that might be a difference from what you do at your school vs what we do at lineville. That something different is you no longer get walked from class to class . You might be worried that you'll be late for class. Let me tell you I was that kid when I was a forth grader. But you have 4 minutes to get from class to class in those 4 minutes you can go to the bathroom. Or get something from your locker and you might not need to do anything for your 4 minutes so just get their early. So I hope you Aren't worried so much about the diffrent things at Lineville .

Day one and day two

Another thing is that there are day 1s and day 2s. First day 1s are, when you have different schedules than day two. Let me get in to some details so you could have Gym as your day one for special then you would have your music choice as your last special of the day. Now let's talk about day two. it would be the same thing but different specials. And when and when school starts it would be a day one then a day two then the same thing over and over again. The thing I want you to know is if Friday was a day one then Monday would be a day too. The last thing I think you need to know is there are plenty of people that can help you between passing time. And good luck at Lineville.


Lunch at Lineville is probably different from your school. At Lineville we have two lunches, the first lunch we have is District. It is the same lunch that you would have at your school now. The second lunch is Alacarte. This lunch is when you can buy individual items like pizza, pretzels and cookies. At lunch, on your table you can only have a total of 8 people. Something that's different, is that lunch is longer and the recess that follows is shorter. That is why lunch is different at Lineville.


Recess at Lineville is way different from what Recess was like at your old school . Recess at Lineville is different from your school because first we have no playground. At Lineville but don't worry at Lineville we have basketball hoops and tetherball. You might say oh I'm going to be so bored with tetherball and basketball hoops. Nope, we have 5-10 minutes of recess. So I'm pretty sure that recess at Lineville is way different then your school . Those are the reasons why Linevilles recess is different from your old school.


I hope you aren't worried about coming to Lineville any more after what I shared with you.