Guide Dogs

Help support the Dogs

How Does This Charity Help?

The Guide dogs helps supports people who are blind or vision impaired. They help train the blind enhance the independence to be safe and not worry about being left alone. With the blind peoples, the Guide Dogs guide people to use canes, braille, dogs and electronic aid. They also treat the blinds with respect and admiration.

How Can People Help This Charity?

Many people or even everybody can help this charity by volunteering, donating and/or fundraising money. Everyone can help volunteering by being part of the Guide Dogs. Donating and fundraising money can help the vision impaired people to afford money for dogs or canes.

What is their Lastest Project?

The lastest project is getting money by selling plush toys, selling real dogs and also getting help by the West Tiger Fans. When I say 'Getting help by the West Tiger Fans' I mean when they come to watch the match, the West Tiger fans would buy the things raising money for this charity.

3 interesting Facts

  • Did you know that there are about 10,000 people who have problem with their eyesight.
  • The Charity believes that impaired people have equal rights too!
  • The Guide Dogs help people with glaucoma, catarats, diabetic retinopothy and neuroiogical vision impaired (scientific names)