Fourth Grade Weekly Announcements

March 23, 2015

A Note From Ms. Frehner

Happy Monday!

It's finally spring! And the weather in Las Vegas is starting to warm up. I have been LOVING every day and hope each of you get to enjoy some of the beautiful weather we are having!

SBAC locations and signups are available!!! If you have not yet registered, check out the video below for testing dates and locations. Mr. Gerhardt has sent an email to your personal email account (the one you registered with) that has your login information. Remember, all public school students (NVVA is a state public school) in the state of Nevada are required to take the SBAC assessments.

Spring Break is next week: March 30th through April 3rd. I will not be available during the week of Spring Break. If you need anything, please call the main office at (702) 407-1825. I really hope everyone gets a nice relaxing break, however. Send me a kmail and tell me what you're doing or send some pictures! I'll be spending my Spring Break in Paris, and I can hardly wait!!!

Tutoring will be canceled this week. We will pick back up in two weeks on April 8th. I will be out of the office this Friday, so if you need anything before we go on break, please attempt to contact me by Thursday afternoon.

The end of the third quarter is this Friday, March 27th. By the end of the week, your progress should be at 75% in every course. Progress reports will be kmailed out after we return from Spring Break.

Have a GREAT week, and if you need anything, please kmail or call me at (702) 407-1825 x7055.

~Ms. Frehner

SBAC Testing Dates & Locations


SBAC Tutorials

Tutorials for Both Tests (sent out week of February 16th):
  1. Expansion Tool:
  2. Menu Options:
  3. Word Definitions:
  4. Navigation:

Tutorials for ELA Test (sent out week of February 23rd):

  1. ELA Ways to Answer:
  2. Listening Element:
  3. Global Notes:

Tutorials for Math Test (sent out week of March 2nd):

1. Entering Fractions:
2. Answering All Parts:
3. Completing Charts & Graphs:
4. Multiple Choice Answers:
5. Using a Protractor:
6. Drag & Drop:
7. Delete:

March 2015 Class Connect Lesson Calendar

Print the March Class Connect Calendar HERE.

April 2015 Class Connect Lesson Calendar

Print the April Class Connect Calendar HERE.
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Typing Resource

It is SO incredibly important that you are learning how to type correctly, especially with the SBAC coming up this year (which is computer based and will require a strong typing foundation). I have found a pretty good website that teaches typing skills and is FREE!

Check out, and sign up for a free account to keep track of your typing progress.