How to swim

The first thing you always want to do is paddle your feet and keep your hands facing

outward while pushing out . It will really you get somewhere in the water . If you don't

like the water getting in your eyes then I would suggest you put on some goggles.

Sometimes it stings when water gets in your eyes and that is not fun! One thing is to

focus.Tip: Have your parents with you.

How to float

All you have to do is spread your arms and legs out and be still.Ask your parents to hold your back then let you go to see if you can float.Don't move around stay in one places as

you do this staying in places will help you float very well. Make sure one of your parents

are watching so that you won't drown. This is for your safety


Tricks are hard that's why they are called tricks. There are many tricks such as front flips,

hand stands, flips into the water and back flips. These tricks can be hard and you

have to be brave too. When doing a front flip you have to use your weight and dive

forward, but you are already in the water when you do this you will be in the water for a little bit when you dive in the water. When doing a hand stand you are already in the water.

This time you are up side down on your hands .You need to keep your balance. When doing

flip you must lean back and throw your body backwards. You may want to hold your nose

.You should kick your feet to help you turn backwards. When doing a flip into the water

you should do it in deeper water. Dive into the water and complete a front flip. If you smack

into the water it can hurt. Tip: Have your parents with you.

How to Float
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