Ms. Jan and Ms. Kelly's Class

Week 5, 6, and 7

Hi Parents,

I am so happy to be back to work after my vacation because I really missed all of the kids. I had a fabulous time in Colorado. It is so beautiful out there and it was wonderful to see family and friends.

I heard that week went very smooth and the kids really enjoyed the activities. I'm sorry Ms. Allison will not be with us anymore, however Ms. Kelly has taken her place and she is fantastic! She has jumped right in and is already a part of our family. The kids absolutely adore her. We welcome her with open arms.

I'm really hated missing two and half days last week. Due to the cut on my foot I was unable to walk for a couple of days. I am so excited to be back together and starting another great week with your little ones.

Have a great week and try and stay dry with all of the rain.

Ms. Jan and Ms. Kelly

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Week 5 Curriculum

Book: Fourth of July Mice!

Centers: Build a felt flag out of strips, use tweezers to sort pom-poms, patriotic puzzles, make stars out of play-doh

Math: Made 'fireworks' out of play-doh and then matched them to the specific number on their sheet, sorted colored "star marshmallows" with corresponding color stars on paper, match one-to-one star and pom-poms,

Language Arts: Made a windsock, created "sprinkle fireworks", music star dance,

Science: Taste popcicles and compared everybody's favorite, practice pouring colored water with measuring cups, practice scooping sprinkles with measuring spoons,


Books: Clifford the Big Red Dog and Clifford's Manners

Centers: Sorting fruit by color using tweezers, using play-doh to make a triangle,

Math: One to one correspondence with craft sticks, gave Clifford six bones using tweezers, measure the height of each child using dog bones, hunt for different size balls and then put them in the correct size circle,

Language Arts: hid flowers around the room and they found two matching flowers, sharing of balls passing them back and forth, create thank you cards and choose the recipient

Science: Nature walk to find sticks, raced cars then discussed whether they were fast or slow, sink or float, examine sand and soil with a magnifying glass and feel the difference


Books: How do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends and How do Dinosaurs Count to Ten

Centers: Dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur tracks in play-doh, dinosaur sensory bin

Math: Make patterns using counting dinosaurs, place corresponding number of dinosaurs on mat, use tweezers to add "dinosaur eggs" gems to ice cube trays, find dinosaur feet and sort them by big or small

Language Arts: Decorate dinosaur picture with bingo markers, hide dinosaur eggs and the children find them, classroom hunt looking for the dinosaur with each child's name

Science: Made color volcanoes, sink or float, hunt for dinosaurs and examine them with magnifying glasses, made "fossil dough" and created fossils