Sarah Ton's Science Page

Unit 1 Science Reflection

An Introduction to Sarah Ton!

Hi! My name is Sarah Alina Ton. A couple of after school activities such as piano and scouts. My favorite animal is a guinea pig and my favorite color is purple. One of my favorite Disney movies would be Finding Dory but one of my favorite movies right now would be Suicide Squad. My favorite book is See You At Harry's though it is the saddest book I have ever read.

Introduction to Science 6

In this unit we learned about how to use Triple Beam Balances and Metric Rulers. Also, we learned about microscopes and longitude and latitude. We did labs using the Microscope and Triple Beam Balance by weighing materials like Safety Goggles, Beakers, Beaker Tongs, Thermometers, Pumice, and Pyrite. Later in the Unit we looked at objects such as salt, a paper with the letter E, and salt from 3 different places. Also, when we were doing our Mapping Unit we did assignments that included using a globe and scales.

Favorite Lab

My favorite lab was the salt lab because it was fun to use the microscope for the second time. Also, it was cool to see all of the salt grains in the microscope. The salt looked kind of looked like tiny ice cubes.

*Salt and Microscope picture

In the end, I feel like this was a fun Unit in Earth Science and I hope we get to do more types of labs throughout the year.

Throughout the unit, this was a perfect way to start the year!!!