English Job-alike March ERPD

March 16, 2016

Goals and Objectives for the Day

Today we will:

  1. Submit our attendance
  2. Check out the agenda for the day
  3. Analyze NCDPI unpacking documents, released test items and specifications, and the terminology/verbage document to review what students must know and do for the CCSS ELA standards. Teachers will be able to recognize their students' progress and gap areas in the CCSS ELA standards. (Links to all resources are below.)
  4. Develop questions for use as review tools that are directly aligned with curriculum standards as well as address the standards listed on the state test specifications for EOCs and NCFEs.
  5. Provide feedback for today here

Room Assignments

English 1 - D212, D258, D252

- Elaine Munday, Kevin Wooten, Anna Bowden, Leigh Fry, Kyla Ketchum, Joy Blalock, Margaret Payne, Robin Comer, Caitlin Pate, Rosemary Schemer, Kiersten Householder

English 2 - D208, D248, D214

- Ashley Gaither, Lena Hicks, Beth Lail, Maggie Bowman, Eric Cook, Bill Cutler, Kelly Gustin, Sam Karter, Martin Kirby

English 3 - D218, D219

- Natalie Tribble, Allison Lowrance, Emma Gross, Alexander Sanders, Mary Goodson, Ryan Alexander, Leah Baisden, Molly Cawdle, Kelly Culver, Pa Gra Yang,

English 4 - D223, D222

- Jennifer Bailey, Stephanie Wood, Lynne Rainwater, Catherine Baker, Jackie Scott, John Jolly, Erin Schnuit, Wendy O'Sullivan, Jennifer Christie

North Carolina Test Specification Documents

English I NCFE Test Specifications

English II EOC Test Specifications

English III NCFE Test Specifications

English IV NCFE Test Specifications

We have included links to the paper/pencil pdfs. If you'd like to see the other versions of these tests, click here for English II and click here for English I, III, and IV

North Carolina Released Tests

Terminology/Verbage Document

  • This document was created from the updated/2015 released tests for English I-IV. The questions were reviewed and the core concepts are noted on the document.

  • Are we regularly using the language (vocabulary) of the ELA standards in our classroom discussions, assignments, and activities?
  • Are we using the language (vocabulary) of the ELA standards in our QUESTIONS on quizzes, tests, and informal assessments?
  • How deep are the skills of the standards vs. the skills of our assessments? Use this resource to answer this question. Does our daily instruction match the depth of the standards?
  • We are required by NCDPI to teach the standards/curriculum. The state tests are based on the standards/curriculum you're required to teach. Knowing the test specifications and using released test items gives our students a "cheat sheet" for experiencing success on the EOC/NCFE.

Instructions for Review Item Creation

Each grade level will split up into groups to address the 3 standards that you feel need the most attention and review. Each group will create 10 review questions that address the specific standard that they have chosen. These questions should meet the following requirements:

1. Should be written in language the emulates the released test items

2. Should be created in a google document that you will share with Greg Keys and Sherrard Martin. This should include all questions, answers, and relevant passages. Check out Rewordify.com and Readworks: (Longer Passages) and (Passages with Text-Dependent Questions)

3. Please put all collaborator names on the top of this document.

4. Questions should be in multiple choice format.

Requirements for Using the Review Items

When you return to your schools, you and your PLC will use the items created today to make a Common Assessment. The total number of questions for the common assessment should not exceed 10-15 items.

You will administer the Common Assessment anytime from April 4th through May 27th. Only one is required, but you are welcome to create additional assessments from the item bank to support your students' understanding of ELA.

You will share your students' results with your Leadership Team and they will share your school results with Kelly Cooper.