Mockingbird Scrapbook

By: Christina Novak

Summer is the best time for kids

Summer is definitely the best time for kids, and not just because there is no school, there are many reasons why. Sure, parents are probably counting down the days until they can send their kids off to school again but summer as a kid is one of the most important, fun, and best memories of them all. Sleep is important for kids of all ages, and many of them are able to catch up on that in the summer. Also, kids are more active in the summer because it is nice outside and so much to do like swim, play games, go boating, go on hikes, and go for a run! Summer is paradise for kids! Who doesn't love sleeping in, swimming with friends, eating all the watermelon in the world and not having to worry about any stress? Personally, my greatest memories are in the summer time. I moved a few years ago and summer has always been the perfect time to take trips back home and see my old friends. Also, I can finally jump on my trampoline without freezing to death and if I get hot, my sister and I put the sprinkler under the trampoline! My favorite thing though, is our boat. We boat all the time in the summer, almost every weekend when my dad is home! We tube, knee board, and wake board! The lake is my favorite place to be and summer always reminds me of being out on the lake. I definitely think summer is the best time for kids.

Childhood Church Experience

My family has always been involved in church, and so have I. I have been in church plays, gone to church camps, been baptized, and have even gotten to teach lessons at youth group before. The best church experience that I have ever had though was being on the student leadership team at Lakeside during the winter at youth group. You have to be asked by the youth group leader or one of the adult leaders and I had gotten asked. I was a little scared at first because you have to be a very good role model and it is a responsibility to be at youth group on Wednesdays and be at meetings on Sunday nights. I was very pleased with myself and proud of myself that people saw that potential in me and thought I was very intelligent on my religious views and values. Once a month we would do this thing where everyone would write down on a slip of paper something that was troubling them in their life, and they could either burn it or talk to one of the leaders about it. Some of the kid leaders got to do it but only a select few. Brad, my youth group leader, asked me to do it and I was nervous that if someone actually came up to me what I would say. Wednesday night came around and everyone did their thing and my friend came over to me to talk to me. He was also apart of the student leadership and is two years older than I am. I thought that he was going to remind me that we could write down anything that was bothering us too, because I forgot, but instead he came over to talk to me. He told me that he knew I would not judge him and that he could trust me and shared with me what was bothering him. I realized he had a very, very sad and broken home life. When I opened my mouth to respond back to the bomb that was just dropped on me I felt chills and before I knew it i was done talking and we were both sitting there in tears. I can't even remember what I said and I knew right then and there that God had spoke through me and that was a wonderful experience. Sadly I did not get to do the student leadership this winter and I haven't had any great experiences since then, but, I will never forget that.

Nocturnal Adventure as a child

As a child I have had many nocturnal or night time adventures, and still do as a teenager. When it comes down to it though, my favorite nocturnal adventure was one that was pretty thrilling. I was in seventh grade, junior high, and my group of friends were pretty close. Most of us lived in the same neighborhood which happened to be my neighborhood, the Woodlands. Our little "gang" was Noah Skinner, Tyler Fitzgerald, Jack Staten, Madeline Butcher, Jaycie Joslin, Taylor Krech, and myself. We thought it would be hilarious to ding dong ditch and TP someone and try to hide and watch their reaction. We went to someone's house that kind of over reacted to everything so we were pretty much asking for it but we thought it was going to be funny. We TPed their entire house and then ding dong ditched and ran for our lives. The man came out and chased us! I have never ran so fast in my life! We didn't want to go to one of our houses, expecting if we did the man would tell our parents, so we hid in some bushes and stopped. The man just kind of looked at us but he couldn't actually see us. Jack yelled "It was all Devin!" He said it randomly and just made up a name to stall and then we all ran back to my house. It was all fun, scary, and thrilling. We thought we were so cool for getting away with it and now looking back on it we were just a few silly kids.

Present never received

I'm sure every kid has asked for a really expensive toy, gaming system, or object for their birthday or Christmas and never received it. For me, I have asked for something for the past six years and never gotten it. What might that be? That would be, my favorite animal, a pig. Yes, a pig. I never wanted a huge, dirty pig, but one of those little tea-cup pigs that stay small and are easy to take care of. Unfortunately, they are extremely expensive and having a cat and a dog, my parents have always said no to the pig. I have asked over and over again for my birthday the past six years. Even though I know my chances are slim to nothing, I will keep asking just because I never give up hope! On the bright side, I always receive stuffed animals of pigs that satisfy me just fine. I am not exactly sure why I love pigs so much, but I just do and hopefully one day I will finally get my little pig!

Favorite Thanksgiving Meal

Out of all the wonderful holidays that bring family together and consist of yummy food, Thanksgiving is my ultimate favorite! My aunt makes the best food and we go to her house every year for Thanksgiving. We have turkey, sloppy joe, ham, stuffing, rice, jello, beans, and corn. It all so much food but it is absolutely delicious! My family always has a contest to see who can eat the most food, it usually comes down to my dad, uncle, and cousin Tony! My aunt makes most of the food from scratch. My mom, my aunt and my grandma all make a pie. Chocolate creme, strawberry, and pumpkin are the pies that they make. My aunt makes pumpkin pie from scratch and it is to die for. I am one that will admit I love food and never say no to it, that may not be a good thing but when it comes to Thanksgiving time, I am always a happy girl!

Proud Child

There are many examples where I have been proud of both of my parents but one of my favorite times is my mom showing me that I am a strong, independent person. My mom has never let any man disrespect her in any way, and in this day in age, that happens more often. My mother's father cheated on her mom, my mom's best friend was in an abusive relationship, and my mom's sister never picked the nicest guys to be with. My mom has always stood up for herself and never let a man bring her down or put her down. There was a situation where she was helping out a friend in a need and a man involved came in and started calling my mom mean names and going off on her and just really disrespecting her. My mom looked him right in the eye and told him he had no business talking to a woman like that and said he should be ashamed of himself. I was very proud of my mom because that teaches me to be like her and not let a man talk to me, treat me, or disrespect me like that and that will go a long way in my life.

Favorite Costume

I have danced since I was very little and spent many Halloween nights dressed up. I had some pretty sweet dance costumes I obsessed over and would never take off but I also got that way with a few of my old Halloween costumes. My favorite Halloween costume was Repunzel. She is my favorite princess and I always thought she was pretty unique as well. I had purple dress because purple is my favorite color, with a big, long braid in my hair, at the time my hair was almost down to my hips so it was almost like I was really Repunzel. My mom but glitter hair spray in my hair and did my make up. I felt so pretty and all of my friends were princesses as well, but some had the same costume. No one else had Repunzel and I felt pretty awesome as well as pretty. Out of the many costumes I have worn through out my life, that is one I will never forget!

Tricks and Jokes

I am not a big person on tricks and jokes because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I have had some pulled on me and have pulled a few myself. The greatest tricks played are the ones where my sister and I partner up and play a prank on my parents. Every parent is scared to death when their child starts driving and my parents were very worried when I first got my license. My sister and I started to get annoyed with questions, comments, and concerns because although it's good to be reminded to stay safe and have our parents worry about us, we just wanted to show them that we can be safe and responsible without needing them to remind us of it. We never gave them a reason to be upset, angry, or worried so we thought we would give them one. I never leave without telling my parents where I am going. It is a rule and I just naturally tell them anyways. One day I took my sister and I pulled my car around the corner by our neighbor's house. I left my keys and my sister in the car and walked back to the house. I casually sat down inside and waited for my parents to notice that my car had disappeared. They noticed my sister was gone first, then noticed my car was gone. My sister loves cars, she rides dirt bikes and four wheelers and is probably a better driver than myself. My parents thought she took my car and were freaking out trying to call and text her. I didn't want them to worry for too long, so I told them the joke and they weren't too happy. We both got a lecture but now we all laugh about it because it was a pretty devious idea.