Do you know how it was years ago

The geologic time period.

The time period is 544-505 million years ago. And back then everything was way different. Their was animals that ruled the world.

Major geologic events of that time period.

All of the continents are just sitting next to the south of the equator. This means that it was very warm their if it's next to the Equator.

What was the climate like?

It changes by continental drift. But if you I had to pick the correct one it would be pretty warm

Dominant organisms living at that time - animals and plant.

The things that lived during that time were Pika,Trilobite, and sponges, Cephalopod, crinoid, Jawless fish, and Brachiopod and a Clam.

What was the environment like?

The Environment was the marine.

What are the main things travelers might like to see?

You might like to see the Rainforests and they might like to see all of the Reptiles.

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What should travelers pack for comfort and safety?

They should pack snacks,water, clothes, umbrella, fire proof clothes, clean water, good food, a few weapons and you would need stuff to cut food out of the trees.

What dangers might travelers face?

The animals might attack you because they start to invade the land during the Devonian period and you might want to watch out for volcanoes and the animals and the plants were both affected during the Mass Extinction, so that means if there’s not many animals or plants than u can’t eat a lot of food so then you can’t eat too much and you could die of starvation.
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