Crockett Early Education School

December Parent Newsletter

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Content Areas

PreK 4


Print Directionality; Separating a Sentence into Individual Words

Letters Gg,Ii,B;

Words Families -ot, -op –at,-an

Print Directionality; Compound Words; Word Families -ot, -op


Print Directionality; Separating a Sentence into Individual Words

Letters Rr, Cc, Nn

Rhyming: -una, -ama, -elo, -oco, -asa, -ela


-Counting Sequence is the Same, No Matter What is Counted; Number 11

-Ordinal Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd); Number 12

Social Studies:

Similarities/Differences in Family Characteristics (Holidays around the world)


Sources of Energy (Light, Heat, Electricity)

Social Emotional Learning (SEL):

Understand the difference and connection between emotions/feelings and behaviors

Follows classroom rules and routines with occasional reminders from teacher

Pre-K 3

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Letter Focus - J, j, N, n H, h, V, v, X,x, K and Q

Phonological Awareness is rhyming.

Literacy Theme Focus- reading all about keeping ourselves safe

Patterns (AB, AAB, and ABC)


Sink and Float

Social Studies and SEL (Social and Emotional):

being nice, sharing hands

Ways to Help at Home.....

Academic Development:
• Support three-year-olds’ curiosity about their world by responding to questions with clear understandable answers
• Encourage three-year-olds to name feelings (“Darius, tell Maya how you felt when she knocked your blocks down.” “You are smiling so big. Are you happy?”)
• Use appropriate words to describe objects and events in the environment
• Follow three-year-olds’ lead in conversation by showing the correct use of past tense or possessive (“Mommy went to the store.”, “Yes, Donny's door is blue.”)

Physical Development:

• Provide a variety of play areas for climbing
• Play games with three-year-olds that include hopping, standing on one foot, walking backwards, etc.
• Encourage three-year-olds to climb on fun equipment like a jungle gym at the park or playground
• Use games and songs that involve movement and exercise (“Hop like a bunny.”)

Emotional Development:

• Describe and name emotional gestures, actions, words, and feelings (“Wow, Quincy, you are really jumping around. Are you excited to go outside today?”)
• Offer activities for creative play and arts (clothing choices, art projects, etc.)
• Show interest in three-year-olds’ conversations about experiences and activities (“Tell me more about your visit to grandma's, Aviel.”)
• Give three-year-olds chances to take on different roles and chores (wiping tables, watering plants, sorting materials, getting the mail, etc.)
• Invite three-year-olds to talk about their family members and friends, and help children use words indicating relationships, such as “sister,” “brother,” “grandmother/grandfather,” “aunt/uncle,” “cousin,” etc.
• Respond to three-year-olds’ interest in physical differences in each other (“Alex uses a wheelchair to move around.”)
• Read books that teach three-year-olds about familiar community places and activities, such as the post office, grocery store, fire station, library, etc.

Specials Corner

Note from your Specials Team:

Hello from your Specials Team!

Below are some of the special things your child will be learning in specials during the month of December. We are looking forward to working on winter-themed projects to help us get ready for this winter season.

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We will continue to experiment with PAINT in Art class. Don’t worry parents, it’s washable paint! ;) We will learn how to use primary colors to make secondary colors. Keep your ears open to hear all the amazing things your kids will be learning about all their colors. We will also make some fun winter themed art, so be on the lookout for great artwork coming home in December.

-Mrs. Lovelace

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The month of December we will still be focusing on basketball!!!! Go Cubs! The students will learn the history of basketball, learn, acquire and or enhance their basketball skills. Students will play mini games and learn the terminology of basketball. We will also learn the names of major muscles of the body and what, how and why it is important to exercise. We will also do some fun things to help us celebrate the season!

-Coach Tran

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In Music, the month of December will be about having fun with some winter-themed songs. We have some fun music games and dances to help us celebrate the season. We will be continuing to work on letter sounds and alphabet songs. We will also be focusing on the theme of “same and different sounds.” Your awesome kiddos are learning to hear the difference in songs and instruments. Looking forward to some great sounds coming out of the music classroom.

-Mrs. Mauldin

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Important Dates in December-

  • 12/5-12/6: Campus Vision and Hearing Screening
  • 12/11: Cookies and Cocoa with Mom for RED & YELLOW Pods in Cafe (8:45-9:15a)
  • 12/12: PACT Meeting: Learning & Growing through Music & Rhyming in Cafe (8:30-9:30a)
  • 12/12: Campus Shelter in Place Drill
  • 12/13: Cookies and Cocoa with Mom for BLUE & GREEN Pods in Cafe (8:45-9:15a)
  • 12/14: Cookies and Cocoa with Mom for PURPLE & ORANGE Pods in Cafe (8:45-9:15a)
  • 12/17-12/21: Quarter 2 Assessment Week
  • 12/18: Chic-Fi-La Fundraiser Event
  • 12/19: Fast Pass RSVP Applications Due
  • 12/20: Polar Express Day (Wear Your Pajamas to School)
  • 12/21: Classroom Holiday Parties (1:00-1:45 for PURPLE, RED, & YELLOW Pods, 2:30-3:15 for BLUE, ORANGE, & GREEN Pods)
  • 12/21: PreK 3 Birthday Celebration During Holiday Parties in Classrooms
  • 12/24-1/7: Winter Holiday Break-NO SCHOOL

Health Spot

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Reminders from your nurse

  • Please continue to send change of clothes daily.

    · Per district policy, the nurses cannot administer medication without an appropriate medication administration plan completed by the physician.

    · All students with food allergies must submit a special diet request form to receive food accommodations during meal times.

    · Vision and hearing screenings will be performed on December 5th and December 6th.

    · Please ensure all contact information is completed and up to date in the front office.

    · As the temperatures decrease and fall sets in, please make all appropriate accommodations to support your student’s health, that includes the following: a restful sleep, warm clothing, adherence of sick protocol, daily nutritious meals, vitamins, and all age appropriate vaccination.

    ·Lastly, we would like to thank you for being awesome and entrusting us to care for your students.

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Counselor's Corner

This month we are focusing on fostering empathy. The Empathy is a skill that we can cultivate and strengthen with practice. Empathy means that we can imagine what someone else is thinking or feeling and then respond in a caring manner. Most four-year-olds are beginning to understand that their actions affect the emotions of others (e.g., "If I if I help someone it can help them feel happy").

Ways to Strengthen Empathy:

· Model Empathy

Model empathy by reflecting your children's emotions and responding with compassion.

· Provide opportunities to help/think of others

Little hands can help in big ways. Giving your child the opportunity to help/think about others can help foster empathy.

Yadira Reyes

School Counselor


Our attendance average for the month of November was 93%.

Our Campus Goal is to have 98% of our students present every day. Please help us by ensuring your child is here each day, on time and remains at school for the duration of the school day.

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Crockett Celebrations

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Congratulations to our November Staff Member of the Month, our counselor, Mrs. Yadira Reyes! She sees a true vision for our Pre-K students and despite all the pressures she still holds true to what is best for our students, families, and teachers. She's always willing to help and always has a positive attitude! Thanks for all that you do Mrs. Reyes!

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Dear Parents,

Tis the season of giving! Grand Prairie ISD is proud to partner with the United States Marines for their annual Toys for Tots program. The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to a child. All Grand Prairie schools, including Crockett Early Education School will be collecting new unwrapped toys now, through Thursday, December 6.

CEES students and families, share the joy of giving! If you would like to donate, please bring in a new, unwrapped toy and drop it off in the donation box located in the foyer. We appreciate your help and participation!

Thank you!

Miles for Smiles!

Parents, thank you so much for your support during our Miles for Smiles Campaign! We are happy to report that the results are in and Crockett won FIRST PLACE. That means that our school community was able to contribute the most money towards the new Playgrand Adventures All-Inclusive Park!

For more information please visit:

Thank you to all of the families and students who supported our Teddy Bear Mobile Fundraiser. Because of your participation, we were able to raise over $1,100 that will go towards our students.