Saint Patrick's Day

Jamal and Alassan

History of Saint Patrick's Day

In 1903 Saint Patrick's Day was created. We celebrated on the 17th of March..We celebrate it for the death of Saint Patrick. But did u know that Saint Patrick's day was British. But the Irish take it seriously.there are 100,000,025 million

that celebrate Patrick day.

ST.Patrick day and global marketing

Two countries that celebrate St.Patrick day is Britain and Ireland.almost all business are closed in the Republic of Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day, except for hospitality, like restaurants.march 17 is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. The degree to people celebrate St Patrick's Day according to there religious and political affiliations. Those who believe that Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom do not generally celebrate the day.


Britain celebrate st Patrick day by having a parade in honor of St.People close the stores and kids run free.People have a parade which some times can last five hours.The economy changes to happy people when st patrick parade starts.

Saint Patrick Product

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