Home Sick

Then And Now

Back Then

Home life started out in 1695 through the 1900's. It is how people live, whether in a good home, with good in home appliances or a bad home with no water, no electricity,etc. In Great Britain life for the poor wasn't looking good, farmers wouldn't compete with the middle and upper class population. The poor would live in homes with no bathrooms and no water. Richard Arkwright would build homes for his workers who were poor, he thought that a healthy work force could only benefit him as they would work better. Robert Owen would also build homes for his workers. 50 percent of Manchester didn't have a draining system. Hygiene and sanitation was rare in Great Britain back then, people would get sick and would get Typhus which causes severe fevers and rashes spread everywhere throughout their body because of a lot of mice and animals that lived with farmers had lice and bacteria which would rub off on the farmers. Also cholera was introduced to Europe in October of 1831 in Northern Sunderland, this impacted not only Great Britain but a lot of countries around the world, mainly Asia and Russia. In 1849, an epidemic killed over 70,000 people. The government told Health Boards to clean up the towns, despite this action the bacteria would still spread everywhere. In 1834 The Poor Law was created which made "poor houses" which were workhouses for the poor who couldn't live in their homes or couldn't maintain them also it stopped everyone from looking after the poor and stop spending money on them.

Now In The Present

In Brazil there are criminals and drug lords in the slums of Brazil mostly referred to Rio de Janeiro Favelas, this relates to home life and to Great Britain because just like Great Britain after the industrial revolution, their homes and environment was horrible, people died a lot and Rio in Brazil is known for its deaths because of the criminals living there in the slums, a lot of drug lords sale drugs and life in the slums isn't pleasant, people are homeless and survive on doing felony's to support themselves and family. Now we must ask ourselves what can we do for change? Not just for the people living in the slums of Brazil but everywhere around the world.