Uncle Tom's Cabin Web Experience

By: Elizabeth Ho and Bernice Gomez


Slaves bonded through hardship contrary to the distance within civilized white society.

Analysis By: Elizabeth

The whites while seem to be more ‘civilized’ in the demeanor seem to be lonely and even when others are in the room they are not together, but simply sharing the space. The slaves all seem to be interacting with those that they share the space with. While the whites seem to be standing over the blacks especially the children, the children run together and seem to continue to have fun. It seems that even within the whites there is a social order with some over the others in the same manner that the whites are over the blacks.

Analysis By: Bernice

  1. Subtly, the images depict the relationships within each race. Amplifying the connection the slaves find with each other through their similar lifestyle that is full of hardship. The whites portrayed in the images, convey and individualized person, who most commonly in these images stand afar alone without the friendships within the black community.

  2. In these images I would expect that with all the wealth and power, whites would always be accompanied with friends. Though despite all the wealth the have, emotionally the artist convey a sense of loneliness within the white community. An emptiness that comes at the price of wealth.