Feudalism is when one dictator rules over a whole country and social status throughout the land .A. K .A = medieval social system: the legal and social system that existed in medieval Europe, in which vassals held land from lords in exchange for military service.

Feudalism Social Structure

Here is how the social structure worked back in Europe, I will be going from lowest to highest.


Peasants were at the very bottom, they never had a lot of money and everywhere they worked. Were disgusting and dirty, they were only paid a few coins. They also worked very hard labor.
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They usually were like the middle class of the society they still worked and got decent money. There clothes were usually better than peasants and there jobs were less dirty. However there were also knights that were also in the Middle as well. They went by something called the "Code of Chivalry" which was what they went by. It consisted of a set of rules that they followed like Respecting Women, never telling lies and more,Basically always doing the right thing.


They were the very wealthy people that had a lot of Money at that time. They Usually owned and controlled a lot of land at the time. A lot of peasants usually worked for them at the time. The Nobles and Lords paid them very little.


The Kings Ruled Most of what was his, he controlled the land and his people , the queen also had some authority. However the King was still at a higher rank, kings even had their own knights. Wars were very common in the Middle Ages, a lot of wars grew from private fights between lords. However at some times it was even on a bigger scale, which involved huge regions that would cause a lot of destruction. So kings still had Knights just incase a war would happen. Kings also had a lot of money, and was one of the richest of them all.

The Pope

The Pope had absolute authority in all of the lands , he even had the power and authority to kick a King out of Rule. No one ever questioned the pope as he had a huge influence in Europe.

Women in the Middle Ages

The Women really didn't have that many rights in the Middle Ages, they were expected to cook, clean and watch the kids at home. They didn't have a choice in who they married as there parents would set up an arranged marriage for them.

What I think

I honestly think that feudalism is bad because you never have the chance to do what you want to do, or be who you want to be.

Conflict or cooperation

I think it was in a way both, the reason why I say this is because If you were high in the social scale. For instance a lord or noble , Then you probably cooperated because you didn't have a lot of struggle, plus you had more money. However if you were lower in the social scale then you probably didn't like how things were. For instance if you were a peasant then you'd probably want to rebel, because they didn't feel like it was fair.

Is there anything like feudalism in America or around the world ?

I think it's similar because the more money you have, then the more power you had or could potentially gain. But it is similar to school because the principal has all the authority, then the deans, then the administrators. After that the teacher, so I think it's similar authority wise. Now compared to the U.S. Government it is very similar because the president has all the power then Congress then the government then etc. Now compared to society, not that much because you could do what you want to do in this country and in most parts of the world.