Phase 2

By Connor Martlaro, Zach Cantwell, Zack Marchant

Water In the United States

Water quality in The United States is very good. 89.3 percent of the nation's community water systems were in compliance with all more-than-90 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Below are pictures of the Water sources we use in the United States. Our land use a significant impact on water resources and watershed. This includes impacts on non point source (NPS) pollution from dumping and factories, which is the leading cause of degraded water quality in the United States. Its good quality now but if we dont do something to help with our land use we will suffer from water shortages.

Ways to help the water quality

Ways to help keep water clean

In the u.s we have lots of pollution in the water from factories and oil spills etc. While we do have a good percentage of clean water. We need to help clean the water that is dirty. here are some ways americans can help keep the waters cleaner.

1. Improving protections to reduce pollutants like bacteria and viruses, which threaten Americans' health and well being

2. Take the bus - On average, you will prevent 33 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per day. Be careful what you put into your septic system: Harmful chemicals may end up in your drinking water.

3. Reuse containers, recycle plastics, aluminum, and glass.

4. Equip farmers with practical ways to keep harmful run-off out of our waters

5. Prevent deforestation and destruction of grasslands – nature’s water filters

6. Save water and dont take such long showers.

Impact on watershed and environment

U.S. water resources have been increasingly stressed by climate change and population growth. Predicted land use and land cover changes will have little effect on water quantity and water supply-water demand relationships. In contrast, climate change had the most pronounced effects on regional water supply and demand, especially in some western watersheds where water availability is historically low. The environment is also affected by this the deforestation and destruction of the environments affect it with land and water. The land is also used alot so our habitats are getting destroyed. Our land use affects the water and the land around us.


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