hard working, spiritless, anaemic, blonde

Husband of Myrtle

Lover of cars, his wife, and God

Who feels devastated when his wife cheats on him, guilty for not caring for her, and grief when she get hit by a car and dies

Who needs more business, money to go west, and to avenge his wife

Who gives honesty to customers, love to Myrtle, and respect to Tom

Who fears getting ill, getting robbed, and life without his wife

Who would like to see the inside of a mansion, Tom's car in his shop, and his parents

Resident of The Valley of ashes


"When he saw us a damp gleam of hope sprang into his light blue eyes"

I chose the quote I did because its the quote said by Nick to describe his first impression of George. It is also the quote that talks about George's light blue eyes, similar to the sign in the Valley of Ashes that represent the eyes of God. God doesn't do anything about Myrtle's death, so George takes it into his own hands, almost as if he's playing the part of God.

I chose a fence to symbolize George because he is a hard working guy. Fences show that to me because they typically require a lot of dedication to build or to paint. George doesn't work on fences but he still an honest, diligent worker.

The second symbol I chose is a skull and crossbones to represent death. There was a lot of death at the end of this book, including the death of George himself. He was the cause of two of the deaths, so thats why this symbol fits him.