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September 3, 2021

BEST at West...Be respectful, Engage in learning, Show integrity, Take responsibility

First Week of the 2021-22 School Year

Thank you to all of our families who were able to join us for Open House night. It felt so good to see so many students and families, and to hear our hallways filled with conversation and laughter!

Our staff had a busy week preparing for the upcoming school year. I want to thank our staff for all of their work, and a big thank you to our Link Crew for their help with Open House and their preparation for our Freshmen Orientation Day. It has been an amazing week!

The first week will bring a different schedule each day. Below, you can read more about each day and see the special schedules we will be using. I can't wait to welcome all of our Scarlets!

Student Schedules

Students should check their schedules prior to their first day, as our counselors continue working to balance class sizes. Students will still have the classes that were on their schedule, but the hours they have the classes may have changed. When looking at your schedule, be sure to refresh to ensure you are looking at the most current schedule.

On the first day of school, students will find out from their 4th hour teacher if they have A lunch or B lunch.

Freshmen Orientation Day - Wednesday, September 8th

On Wednesday, September 8 we will welcome the Class of 2025 with our Freshman Orientation day. All 9th graders are required to be in school. Busses will run their normal schedule on Wednesday. Students do not need to bring any supplies, textbooks, or chromebooks on this day. Breakfast will be served. As students arrive at school, they should go to the cafeteria.

Here is a sneak peek at what the day will look like:

8:45 12:15 Link Crew Activities
12:15 12:45 Lunch
12:45 1:20 Class Meeting - Auditorium
1:20 1:55 Naviance - Auditorium
1:55 3:25 7 Period Schedule
3:25 3:35 Link Crew Small Group Debrief

7 Period Schedule
2:00 - 2:08 - Period 1
2:13 - 2:21 - Period 2
2:26 - 2:34 - Period 3
2:39 - 2:47 - Period 4
2:52 - 3:00 - Period 5
3:05 - 3:13 - Period 6
3:18 - 3:25 - Period 7

Thursday, September 9th

All 9-12 grade students report to school. Our doors open at 8:00am, and breakfast is served beginning at 8:15am.

We will start our day with a Welcome Celebration at 8:35am. Weather permitting, we will gather at the football field. An announcement will be made at school on Thursday morning alerting students where to go.

Friday, September 10th

Friday is Subs on the Sidewalk day! Student Council sponsors this event to encourage students to sign up for an activity or club. We will have an hour for lunch, our food service staff will be providing sack lunches as we will have a picnic out on the front lawn.

Activities and student clubs will have information tables and sign up sheets. I challenge every student to sign up for at least one activity or club. There is something for everyone!

Monday, September 13

When students come to school on Monday, September 13th, we will resume our normal schedule with 48 minute class periods, Scarlet Time, and second chance breakfast will be available to students during the 10 minute passing time following Scarlet Time.

Information Resources

COVID Update

As we start the new year, here are the Health Protocols we will follow.

It is recommended that all 9-12 students, staff, visitors, contactors, and adult learners wear a face covering, regardless of vaccination status while inside a school.

Food Service

Students will be provided breakfast and lunch at no charge for the 2021/22 school year. This has been extended to June of 2022.
    • Extra items such as extra entrees or milk for a home lunch will be charged to the students account.

    • Students will receive one breakfast free of charge. (There will be a charge for second chance breakfast if the student received a breakfast before school.)

Students will need to enter their PIN for breakfast and lunch.

Even though meals are free this year, families are encouraged to fill out the free/reduced meal forms. Applications are available on the district website.

Upcoming Events

September 8

First Day of School for Freshmen - Orientation Day

September 9

First Day of School for all students

September 10

Subs on the Sidewalk

October 1