Join the Revolution!

Napoleon's take on Animal Farm

Napoleon Starts the Rebellion

Our fearless leader, Napoleon, has taken it upon himself to lead animals to a revolution. He shall follow the same basic principles as Old Major had in mind. He will make life for every farm animal better overall. You won't regret your decision, and you WILL live happily ever after. Humans are the cause of all animal suffering. Let's put an end to it!


Animals have always been taken advantage of and mistreated by their owners. Now is the time to fight back and take back what is theirs. Animals work all day to make goods, such as milk, eggs, crops, or meat for farmers to sell and make money. None of tis food goes back to the animals, they are borderline starving. If you've had enough of farmers treating all the animals bad, rise up and join the revolution. You won't regret it!