Endangered Animals

Peyton Kvammen

3 of the endangered animals

Indus River Dolphin

The Inuds RIver Dolphin lives in the Indus river of Pakistan, South Asia. The dolphin is one of the four river dolphins. There has not been that much study on the Indus river dolphin. The main causes of ther drop in population in because of hunting, bycatch, pollution, medicine, and an irrigation system that was built in the river. Around 1,100 remaining.

Black-Footed Ferret

The Black-Footed Ferret is known to live in Native North America. The black footed ferret globally went extinct back in the 1960's. They now have been growing in there population. The ferret is acutally nocturnal and spend most of there time under ground. The main reason the ferret is endangered is because they are losing there habitat and they rely to much on the black-tailed prairie dog. The ferret relys on the prairie dog for shelter, food, and raising young. Without the prairie dogs the ferret would probably be extinct. Around 300 remaining

Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard is known to live in the temperate forests of the Russian Far East. The leapord is known to kill its prey then hide it so other animals can't eat it then they will eat it later. Also the male sometimes stays with the female after birth and helps. One of the main reasons of them being endangered is illegal wildlife trade. Also because there homes are being torn down and made into room for houses or factories. Only around 60 remaining.
Ways you can help the Indus River Dolphin

Keep the waters clean, dont kill them and use them for bait, don't hunt them for any use, and dont build factories and other things in the water. Click top to adopt a dolphin.

Ways you can help the Black-Footed Ferret

Keep the Ferrets with the Prarie dogs. If seperated the ferret won't be able to live on its own. As long as the ferret is with the Prarie dogs its population will keep growing. Click top to adopt a ferret.

Ways you can help the Amur Leopard

Stop wildlife crime. If you stop wildlife crime this animal wont be killed for illegal trade. Also stop people from tearing down there habitat. Click top to adopt a leopard.

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Endangered Animals