Afternoon Adventures (Draft)

Our Month in Review

September Fun

Our Adventures began with activities aimed at helping the children become acquainted with the afternoon routines, their new friends, and the themselves. ETC, ETC

Our Schedule (for example...this can be changed/removed as needed each edition)

. Arrival

. Look at books, restroom break

. Class meeting

. Break into groups for Center time

. Free play

. Group games, songs, activities related to our themes

. Snack

. Recess

. Dismissal


MATERIALS NEEDED (as an example of things to post about)

We're collecting empty cereal boxes for an upcoming project. Please drop them off by the attic steps if you have any to donate. Thank you.

Mrs. DiLullo/Mrs. Drew

Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions, comments, or concerns: call 215-345-9775, email preschool@.........