Battle of Arras

Robert Anderson, P4


-This battle occurred April 9 - May 16, 1917 in the French city of Arras on the western front.

WINNER OF BATTLE: British victory due to the capture of Vimy Ridge and other territorial gains, however it did little to alter the strategic situation on the Western Front in Arras.


This battle included the British, Canada, Newfoundland, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australian forces. The purpose was to draw German troops away from the ground chosen for the French attach and to take German held high ground that dominated the plain of Dubai.

Important people: Battle of Arras

Well known people: Lloyd George (British Prime Minister) + Erich Von Falkenhayn (German Commander)


The attached story follows the journey of a man that fought on the Western Front in the Battle of Arras of World War I. He explains the places they were, how the environment looked at times, and how they fought strategically with the opposing side in an effort to win the battle.

Activities to do:

Wellington Quarry (Memorial of Battle of Arras) - Take a tour that lasts 25 minutes and go 20 meters underground to see the quarry, and where soldiers did wall graffiti.

When you should visit:

April - June (Mild rain, no snow.)

September - November (Mild snow, no rain.)

# of Troops for each side:

No specific number for overall troops.

-British lost 160,000 troops.

-Germany lost 125,000 troops.

Map of battle below + technology used below.

Other attractions in Arras, France.

-La Carriere Wellington

-Fauborg-d 'Amiens Cemetary

-Grand Place

Pictures below

Where to stay while on your trip:

-Hotel Mercure Arras Centre Les Places

-Holiday Inn Express

-Hotel ibis Arras Centre les Places

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Where to eat (Popular Restaurants)

-Le Mamounia

-La Faisanderie

-Le Venezia

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