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The twin Towers

The Twin Towers were the world trade center. They were built in Manhattan; New York by Minoru Yamasaki and associates of michigan. Construction started in August 1968 and it was finished and was opened to the public in 1973 on April 4.

Each Tower Contained

200,000 tons of steel;425,000 cubic yards of concrete; 43,6oo windows; 12,000 miles of electric cables; had its own zip code 10048; each tower had 110 floors; 208ft by 208ft at the base; weighed 500,000 tons; 1368ft high north tower; 1362ft high south tower; contained 198 miles of heating ducts; 97 elevators for passengers and 6 for freights.

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Why did the builders decide to build it there?

The builders where convinced by the New York City town to build it there, it stopped the decline of lower Manhattan and brash, glitzy, and grand became symbols of New York City.

How was the structure important to the people in the city?

It made the city glam instead of being gritty.

Why is it shaped the way it is?

Because of its massive size of the building, the architect decided to make the building Sleek classy but not go to “crazy” with the design of the building.